Best Women’s Motorcycle Boots

Top 5 Best Women’s Motorcycle Boots (2024)

“Give a woman the right pair of shoes, and she will conquer the world.”

Marilyn Monroe

There is some truth to this saying, especially when it comes to choosing the best motorcycle boots for us women. Our top pick overall for women’s motorcycle boots is the Joe Rocker Heartbreaker Boot because of the combination of style, function, and features. However, boots are a very personal choice, so read on to see our top five picks for the best motorcycle boots for women in 2024!

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Best Women’s Motorcycle Boots

Best Overall – Joe Rocket Heartbreaker Boots

Best Overall

Joe Rocket Heartbreaker Boots

Has perforated leather chassis and designed with two and a half inch hidden wedge to give women extra boost in height.

I’m not sure who Joe was, but she did one hell of a job at designing boots for women! Kidding aside, these heartbreaker boots are our pick for best overall boot as they combine style and practicality without just painting them pink to try and attract a women audience. Plus, they are also packed with useful features.

The Joe Rocket Heartbreaker Boots have 2.5 inches (6cm) heel, which provides a bit of a height boost while remaining functional when you need to stop. The wedge design gives you peace of mind that your heel won’t get caught on the footrest. They have a combination of solid and perforated leather, which allows for better airflow when you’re riding. There is no ankle protection, but there is a reinforced gear shift area, shin guard, and internal heel and toe reinforcement, to name a few.

These boots have an understated kind of style. When they are being worn, there is not one shred of pink or purple to be seen, which is a massive bonus. They have small laser etched designs in the leather, but it is not overboard.

They could be paired with jeans or leather pants and won’t make you feel frumpy once your bike is no longer in sight, to justify big clumpy motorcycle boots.

These Heartbreaker Boots would be great for someone that has a more relaxed style of riding around town or on big day trips rather than someone racing around the track each weekend. They are very well priced, given all of the features, and should be a pair of motorcycle boots that will last you a long time.

Best All-Rounder – SIDI Canyon Gore-Tex Boots

Best All-Rounder

SIDI Canyon Gore-Tex Boots

These boots are the jack of all trades, with a Gore-Tex membrane they will keep your feet dry everywhere from the daily commute to long-range touring.

The SIDI Canyon Gore-Tex Boots is our pick for the most versatile motorcycle boots. It has a full grain microfiber shell, with heel, ankle, and toe support as well as a thick rubber sole that will dampen any road vibrations. It also has removable arch support, extra shin padding, and the list goes on. These boots are clearly designed with safety and versatility in mind.

The stand out feature of these motorcycle boots is the GORE-TEX membrane. Gore-Tex is a fabric membrane that is lightweight, breathable, and completely waterproof. Gore-Tex is also moisture-wicking, so it will keep your feet cooler in summer and dry in winter.

The style of these boots is very minimal; they are more of a unisex look due to lack of any detailing. However, there is a Micro adjustable strap system below the ankle, keeping them from looking too plain.

They aren’t a statement piece by any means but given the high level of protection that can be overlooked. These boots are comfortable to spend a few hours walking around in after you finish riding. These boots are aimed towards most riders, whether they are daily commuters, weekend riders, and long-range tours. You can be sure your feet will be well protected in all weather conditions as well as in the event of an accident. 

Best Budget Option – Milwaukee Afterburner Leather Women’s Motorcycle Boots

Best Budget Option

Milwaukee Afterburner Leather Boots

A full grain leather boots for women designed with 7-inch leather pull with side zippers and adjustable ankle strap.

Milwaukee’s Afterburner Leather Women’s Motorcycle Boots are hands-down our choice for the best option for women on a budget. These boots are stylish with full grain leather and a pull-on design. There is an adjustable ankle strap for a more personalized fit and side zippers allowing them to be easily pulled on and off without fusing about laces. The heel is 1.5 inches and tapers down to 1 inch at the front. 

Our favorite feature of these boots is their sole. It’s non-skid, non-marking, and, most importantly, oil resistant. This gives the rider a lot more confidence in being able to plant their feet firmly when coming to a stop. 

It’s a very stylish boot and could be worn in most situations. They would pair well with jeans or leather pants, and the rubber sole ensures you can walk around all day in comfort. The silver buckle is a practical feature that adds to its visual appeal. 

The negative side of this boot is its lack of protection. Although it’s made with quality leather, which is naturally abrasion resistant and offers some protection, we would have liked to have seen an ankle guard or reinforced areas. They only come up to mid-calf, leaving a lot exposed and are also not waterproof.

These boots are suited more towards women who will be staying around town and at less risk of a high-speed accident. They lack protection but overall are stylish boots that will get you where you need to go and have a very attractive price.

Best for Track, Trail, and ATV Riders – O’Neal Logo Rider Boots

Best for Track, Trail, and ATV Riders

O’Neal Logo Rider Boot

Has injected molded plastic plates for protection and metal shank inserts for added support.

The O’Neal Logo Rider Boots is targeted more towards track, trail, and ATV riders. These boots provide the support and protection needed for any of these activities.

They have injected plastic plates into the impact zones for quality, dependable protection as well as metal shank reinforcements for added support. The boots have synthetic leather to protect against heat damage and feature four snap-lock buckles in place of side zippers or laces.

The sole is properly balanced so it is comfortable for long sessions and there is even a metal toe guard.

These boots aren’t as well insulated as we would have hoped given the price, and the hot pink detailing seems like a bit of an overkill given the sport they are designed for.

Overall, these boots are well designed and include heaps of safety features. They are probably not suitable for everyday use as they would not be comfortable to walk around in; however, they would be a great option for someone who is looking for affordable good quality boots in this style.

Best for Round Town – Harley Davidson Keeler Boots

Best for Round Town

Harley Davidson Keeler Boots

Boots designed with full grain leather uppers, heel measures approximately 1.75 inches, and sole made of rubber.

Harley Davidsons are the Louis Vuitton of the motorcycle world (if Louis Vuitton was a leather-covered, able to withstand 200km winds and rain kind of brand that is).

Harley Davidson is a very well known brand, so there should be no unwelcome surprises or cheap shortcuts when you fork out for some of their kits. They take pride in their work, and it shows. They have gained a reputation for good quality, long-lasting products, and the Women’s Keeler Motorcycle Boots is no exception.

They come equipped with full-grain leather and a rubber sole, which will help dampen vibrations coming through the pegs. They have a cement construction, so they should last you for a very long time. The 1.75-inch heel is a practical height making them comfortable to walk around in and adding a touch of style.

Our favorite feature, however, is the side zippers, which are actually a fully functioning secret pocket to stash cards or the key once you get off the bike.

These boots are a great option for women who love the motorcycle style but in a practical way. You could wear these on the bike to town and then walk in comfort for the rest of the day. They are an investment as are all things Harley Davidson, but overall a great blend of style and practicality.

Honorable Mention – Emerald Motorcycle Shoes

Motorcycle shoes are all about comfort. They look like regular sneakers but are made from quality materials to provide some level of protection in the event of a crash. They are somewhat new to the motorcycle world, so there is still some debate as to their effectiveness. This is why we are not including them as part of our top five women’s motorcycle boots.

Rev’it has a large range of motorcycle shoes, but the Emerald Women’s Shoes are our honorable mention this time. They are full grain leather, so they are abrasion-resistant. The only protection offered is a preformed cup for the heel and toe area and an injected ankle cup.

There is no denying these sneakers look great, but at the end of the day, you need to dress for the slide rather than the ride. Motorcycle sneakers don’t offer as much protection as boots as they don’t come up as high.

What to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Boots For Women

It is easy to forget just how delicate our feet and ankles really are, during everyday life. It’s not until you are flying down the freeway (never exceeding the speed limit of course) that you start to realize how quickly things could go south if you had a get off.

Throw in the fact that you will be supporting at least twice your body weight every time you stop, hot exhaust pipes, and the many other dangers that come with riding. It only makes sense to invest in a good pair of motorcycle boots that will protect your feet and ankles.

Now, stepping into the wonderful world of motorcycles is all fun and games until you realize everything is backward. Gone are the days of being able to browse the entire shoe shop to find the perfect fitting ankle boot, and welcome to a world where guys not only pay more attention but also have more options in one style than you do in the entire range.

All is not lost though, as more and more women join the ranks, there is more demand for a wider variety of riding boots. When buying motorcycles boots, there are a few more things that need to be considered.

Woman riding a motorcycle wearing a high cut motorcycle boots


Once you have decided on a budget, stick to it. We have all experienced the heartbreak of finding the perfect shoe and after imagining your life together having to put it back because you didn’t look at the price tag until it was too late.

When setting your budget factor in how long you need them to last, are you able to spend more at the beginning to get better quality that will last longer, or do you need something now? Do you want to pay extra for a higher level of protection?

Looking in the sale or clearance rack is a great way to save some money while still buying good quality gear.


Women’s motorcycle boots, just like the rest of our gear, can come in a variety of materials. It is important to choose the best material for you as it will determine your comfort level, as well as how well your foot is protected in the event of an accident.

The primary materials you will find are Leather, Gore-Tex, and plastic inserts. They each have their pros and cons, but one will generally be better suited to your needs than the rest.


Leather kit seems to encompass what riding a motorbike is all about. We have seen and dreamed of a full leather kit, and that definitely includes the boots. Leather is a pretty great natural resource being breathable and abrasion-resistant.

There are a few terms you need to know when considering buying a leather boot. Full grain leather is the main term tossed around, and all it means is the highest quality of leather available. It is flexible, durable, and the leather has not been altered or weakened.

Perforated leather is leather with small holes that allows more airflow and keep you cooler in hot environments.

All in all, leather boots have lasted the test of time and been used by many generations of bikers in all conditions. They are by no means perfect for every type of weather but if you want one pair of reliable all-rounder boots, then leather boots are the way to go.

Women on their motorcycle wearing rider's boots

Plastic Inserts

Plastic inserts are a modern, innovative technology that is used in designing lightweight boots and shoes. They are thick rigid plastic inserts that act as lightweight plates, so motorcycle boots that are manufactured with such plastic technology are comparatively lighter than other women’s motorcycle boots. Therefore they are a good alternative to leather boots as you can wear them during the winter season.


Gore-Tex is a fabric membrane that is breathable and waterproof. The Gore-Tex fabric membrane was developed in 1969 and has undergone refinements and improvements ever since. The beauty in boots with Gore-Tex is that they are lightweight and breathable while remaining completely waterproof. This makes them great to use in all weather conditions.

The moisture-wicking properties keep your feet cooler in summer and dry in winter. They are becoming more and more popular in the motorcycle world, and you can also find jackets and pants with a Gore-Tex membrane.


There are lots of different styles when it comes to motorcycle boots. Each style is based on the type of riding, with some overlapping more than others. If you have read any other motorcycle blogs about types of boots, you will most likely have seen women’s boots in a category all of their own… right at the bottom. This is silly, every style comes in men’s and women’s designs, so don’t feel like you are limited to stick to a certain style.

The main styles are Cruiser, Racing, Commuting, and Touring.

Cruisers are probably the style with the most sub-sections. They come in high boots, low boots, leather, Gore-Tex, and everything in between. They are a nice balance of fashion and protection.

Racing boots focus on two things: performance and protection. These boots are designed to be used. Meaning, they have the latest technology in protection because the ridders are more likely to have high-speed accidents. Most riders don’t need such high-tech kit, but if you plan on getting into racing or motorsports, then they are a must-have.

Commuting boots are a bit of a grey area. Most people won’t be changing shoes when they get where they are going, therefore, they need something more discreet. Most women opt for short boots or even riding sneakers as they can pass for regular shoes.

Touring boots are usually heavy-duty and full-height. They are designed to be worn for long periods and in all weather conditions. They are typically waterproof and breathable, but they also need to be suitable for some walking around. Their price reflects all their features, so unless you are looking for the best of the best, or about to put some serious hours in the seat, maybe consider an alternative style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear my everyday shoes while riding?

Biker woman wearing everyday shoes

No matter how well your everyday shoes go with your motorcycle gear, do not wear them riding. Motorcycle boots are specifically designed to protect your feet and ankles in a crash. They are reinforced and made with quality products that have been tested and will keep you safe. Wearing normal everyday shoes that haven’t been designed for motorcycles, is like wearing a baseball cap or a shirt instead of a helmet and jacket.

Do I need to size up or down?

Unfortunately, there is not a one size fits all rule when it comes to buying motorcycle boots for women. Always read the reviews to see what the general census is, and bear in mind you will most likely be wearing thick socks. If in doubt, contact the company and ask for guidance, or see if you can try them on in-store.

Can I wear a boot with a heel? Can I just wear guys’ motorcycle boots?

Motorcycle boots and heels go together like pineapple on pizza. Some people love it, and some people hate it. The advantage of having a heel is it gives you slightly more height, but at the same time, there is the risk it may get caught on your peg if you go to put your foot down without thinking. The best thing to do is to see if you can borrow some motorcycle boots with a heel and see if they are for you. Always keep in the back of your mind to be careful when moving your feet from the pegs.

Can I wear men’s motorcycle boots?

Many women prefer unisex or men’s motorcycle boots. As long as you are confident with the sizing and you feel they will work best for you there is no reason you can’t grab a pair of men’s boots.