About Us

Firstly, I’d like to thank you all for your continuing support.

Motorcyclesecure.com was born out of my love for all things related to motorcycling and my concern for keeping our prized possessions safe.

I grew up in the USA and learned to ride there from a young age. Most of my early bikes weren’t even worth stealing!

A few years ago, I moved to England, and over here in the UK, motorcycle theft has skyrocketed! I thought I was doing enough to keep my ride safe, but sure enough, one day I came back to find my chain had been cut and an empty space where my bike had been.

I then had the pleasure (sarcasm there…) of dealing with my insurance company to try and get a pay out. But that’s a story for another day!

Since then, I’ve spent countless hours researching the best ways to keep my new ride safe from thieves. I’ve also started to realize how much time me and my friends spend talking about the security of our motorbikes. It seems almost every week someone has a new story of how their mate had their ride stolen in minutes from a “safe” location, or how organized thieves managed to nab a well-secured bike from someone’s garage!

And then there’s the nasty topic of insurance… With motorcycle theft getting out of control, premiums have gone through the roof. Nowadays, the companies even want to know how you’re securing your bike, where it’s being kept and they adjust your premium accordingly.

Suffice to say, I’ve become obsessed with finding out everything there is to know about the best motorcycle anti-theft devices and how to keep the thieves at bay. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about how to find a good motorcycle insurance policy too.

Lastly, there’s no point keeping your motorbike safe from thieves only to suffer an injury from poor maintenance! So, I’ve also gathered heaps of info about how to best maintain your bike, what tools to use and how to stay safe on the roads. We’ve furthered this goal by a recent acquisition of the Wheel Jockey website. Since that product appears to no longer be manufactured, the merger of our sites allows me to give maintenance advice to anyone who was looking for one.

I hope you find my site useful in how to avoid having your bike stolen and how to get the best motorcycle insurance premium that you can.