Man performing maintenance on the chain of his motorcycle

Acquisition of Wheel Jockey

Motorbike Secure is delighted to announce our acquisition of the Wheel Jockey website! This merger is great for our readers due to the excellent overlap between our core purposes.

Wheel Jockey was a simple, innovative tool that made the job of rotating motorcycle wheels for motorcycle tire inspection, wheel maintenance, chain cleaning, belt maintenance, and valve stem positioning so much easier.

Motorbike Secure is all about helping our readers stay safe on their motorcycles, which is why the Wheel Jockey was a handy tool. While we strongly recommend our readers to invest in a good motorcycle lift table to ease the burden of all your motorcycle maintenance tasks, the Wheel Jockey was small enough that it could be easily stowed in even the smallest of spaces.

The Wheel Jockey came in three sizes, to cater for motorbike wheels of different weights. It used a sealed ball bearing movement for smooth rotation and its motto was “Clean. Lube. Ride.” The Wheel Jockey lifted motorcycle tires (and the bikes attached to them!) less than 1.5″ off the ground, making it easy to get your motorcycle on and off. It should be noted that the Wheel Jockey was only suitable for road motorcycles and could not be used with off-road motorcycle tires.

Despite winning prizes such as the “Nifty 50 Best Products of 2012” award from PowerSports Business Magazine, sadly the Wheel Jockey appears to be no longer manufactured.

The good news is that Motorbike Secure is committed to providing the best information available to help motorcycle enthusiasts around the world to maintain and enjoy their bikes. We feel that by acquiring the Wheel Jockey website, readers who are looking for information about this innovative product can find alternatives to help you keep your ride safe and running smoothly.

Happy Riding!