How To Move Motorcycle In Garage

How to Move a Motorcycle in a Garage (or Any Tight Spot)

Moving your motorcycle inside tight spaces is a tricky business. Honestly, heavy motorcycles suddenly feel bigger and heavier when they aren’t running.

(Trust me, it seems like you’re in a never-ending battle between a Hulk on two wheels and the limitations of time and space.)

The good news is, there are some easy ways of doing it without going through all the trouble.

Let’s take a closer look at them.

Best Ways to Move a Motorcycle in a Garage 

The thing is, the maneuverability of motorcycles will vary depending on the design and the weight. Some bikes will be more difficult to move than others.

Even so, there are some methods that work equally well for all models.

Now, you’ve heard the advice a million times from me, but here’s one more time. 

Whenever you are manually lifting your bike, make sure it’s safe. Never lift and turn the bike, especially if you’re not sure about the balance!

Biker Repairman Trying To Figure Out How To Move Motorcycle In Garage Easily

1. Using a Dolly

One of the easiest ways to move a motorcycle inside a garage is by using a motorcycle dolly

Just think about your bike on heavy-duty roller skates. You get the idea.

These units are ruggedly built and can easily hold more than 1000 pounds. All you need to do is slide it under the bike and it’s all set. They are easy to use and completely safe.

With the smooth-rolling wheels, your bike is as agile as a mountain goat. You can also use security straps with the dolly to make things safer.

Note, dollies are available in a few varieties. For heavier bikes, fixed dollies are a good choice. Adjustable dollies are better for medium-weight motorcycles.

2.  Using Multi-Directional Motorcycle Stands

These stands are excellent choices for moving your motorcycle in tight spaces. The multidirectional wheels allow movement in all directions, including 180-degree rotations. 

Heck, you can even move the bike diagonally.

These stands usually come in two pieces. Each of the units is placed under the wheels of the bike. They are also easier to store than a dolly.

Multi-directional stands are durable and heavy-duty units that work well on a wide variety of surfaces. They can support heavier bikes without breaking a sweat.

The stands come in various sizes based on the design of the bike. The only downside is they aren’t cheap.

3. Using the Kickstand

Picture this.

You’re in a tiny space and you need to rotate the back end of the bike by 90 degrees.

I have seen that happen in parking spots!

When there are no extra tools or wheels to help you around, using the support of the kickstand is the best way to do it. If you have a double stand, it’s easier. You can use the stand as a pivot point to rotate the bike. 

With a heavier bike that has a single stand, it’s a bit more complicated. You need to grab the handles, push with one and pull with the other, to rotate the bike.

Keep in mind, the side stand isn’t designed to take that much weight. On a bad day, it might get bent.

So, try to take as much of the load with your hands as possible.

Using The Kickstand As A Pivot To Move Motorcycle

With a heavy bike, don’t try to lift it and rotate it entirely. Rotate it by small degrees so that neither the stand nor your muscles are over-stressed. And apart from the kickstand, use your bodyweight to support the bike and prevent it from getting out of balance.

Now, I have seen people lifting up the entire bike by gripping the side and the handles and then rotating it on the kickstand. 

This can be done with light and medium-weight motorcycles. But I wouldn’t suggest doing it with heavy cruiser bikes!

4. Make a DIY Turntable

If lifting weights isn’t something you’re comfortable with, building a turntable is a great way to rotate a bike in a garage.

The rotating mechanism is achieved by using a heavy-duty bearing that’s readily available in hardware stores. You can adjust the width and thickness of the top wooden platform depending on the size and weight of your bike.

The construction is super simple and since you are not leaving your bike on the platform for long periods, you need not worry about the finer details. 

Even if you aren’t a veteran DIYer, this is a cheap and useful tool that you can build on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you move a motorcycle into a tight space?

You can manually move the bike by using the kickstand as a pivot and pushing and pulling it. But the best way is to use a motorcycle dolly.

How do I rotate a motorcycle in my garage?

It can be done manually or by using a multi-directional stand. Another great way is to build a simple turntable that can help you to rotate it.

How hard is it to move a motorcycle?

Motorcycles are heavy machines and in a tight spot, it can be difficult to move them around. So, make sure you use the right tools or the right technique.