Best Motorcycle Lift Table for Harley

Best Motorcycle Lift Table for Harley | Top 7 to Upgrade Your Workshop

If you own a Harley then most likely, you’re a motorcycle fanatic. You love everything about motorcycles and you understandably want to keep your precious bike in pristine running condition.

No matter how simple or complex a job you want to work on, you’re going to need a motorcycle lift to help you out. That’s why we have selected the Black Widow BW-1500AO as our ‘Best Overall’ motorcycle table lift for a Harley Davidson.

Best overall
Black Widow BW-1500AO
  • High-quality large motorcycle lift with multiple features
Best Double Bar Option
Vivohome Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift
  • A motorcycle jack lift with double bars and tie-down straps
Budget Option
Orion Motor Tech Dilated Scissor Lift
  • Compact and versatile scissor lift system

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Best Motorcycle Lift Table for Harley

Best Overall – Black Widow BW-1500AO

Best Overall

Black Widow BW-1500AO

High-quality large motorcycle lift with additional side extensions

The Black Widow BW-1500AO ticks all the boxes when we think of the perfect motorcycle lift table! Not only does it look like the real deal with its black and orange painted finish, but it boasts some impressive technical specs to support its smart design.

The table length on the Black Widow measures in at 78″ with an additional removable 24″ ramp to extend its length to 102″, enough to accommodate the longest of motorcycles. In addition, the pneumatic lift can elevate your bike up to 33.5″, an ideal height to comfortably work on the engine or wheels.

However, this motorcycle lift table from Black Widow offers many more impressive features than just its size. To make loading your motorcycle on the lift as easy as possible, it comes equipped with a hands-free foot pedal to adjust the height of the table. Also, its front-wheel clamp will fix your precious motorcycle in place and reduce the chance of the bike toppling over!

If all of these premium features weren’t enough to make your head turn, knowing that this comes equipped with an 18″ by 20″ rear wheel drop-down service panel might change your mind. It’s an excellent way to easily access your bike’s rear wheel in need of repair or replacement!

Best Double Bar Option – Vivohome Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

Best Double Bar Option

Vivohome Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

Motorcycle jack lift with double bars and tie-down straps

A great alternative motorcycle lift table is the Vivohome Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift because it offers a double bar system to elevate your motorcycle and additional tie-down straps to give that extra bit of security!

Why use a double bar bike lift? Well, there’s no reason imparticular aside from personal preference. Some people prefer this style of jack lift as it might fit their motorcycle more comfortably!

The VIVOHOME lift is compact, easy on the eye, and can lift a whopping 1500lb, that’s almost 3 Harley Davidson Forty Eights! It can be easily operated with a hydraulic foot pedal or by hand to suit your situation best.

What I love most about this motorcycle lift is its abundance of safety features. It comes fitted with anti-slip rubber pads and a 3-position safety lock to fasten your Harley in place with optimum security!

Best Budget Option – Orion Motor Tech Scissor Lift

Best Budget Option

Orion Motor Tech Dilated Scissor Lift

Compact and versatile scissor lift system

At a mere fraction of the cost compared with the other table lifts the Orion Motor Tech Scissor Lift offers a robust and easy to use budget alternative to elevate your Harley and get your hands dirty! 

This scissor lift is made from durable steel that is grease and oil resistant, perfect for any unwanted spillages! The surface area of the lift is 9″ long and 15″ wide, which should be more than enough to support the base of most motorcycle engines. Not only is the table jack a decent size but it is layered with a safe rubber deck to prevent your bike from falling off the lift. 

Despite the Orion Motor Tech Lift’s size, it can hold up to a whopping 1200lb, that’s almost twice the size of a Harley Roadster! Additionally, its ergonomic design means it can be stored with ease, leaving more space for your motorcycle collection! 

The only issue with this stand, and understandably so with its price tag, is the fact that it’s manually operated. Although, I will stress that it is not physically straining to raise the bike due to its wide T-handle wrench.

On a final note, bear in mind when purchasing this scissor lift that it is only compatible with motorcycles that have a flat bottomed engine! So make sure you check that your Harley doesn’t have a round bottom case!

Best Premium Option – Black Widow BW-PROLIFT-HDXW

Best Premium Option


Premium motorcycle lift with front-wheel clamp

If you’re looking for a motorcycle lift table with all the bells and whistles, then the Black Widow BW-PROLIFT-HDXW is most definitely what you’re after! With a huge amount of additional features, it’s easy to see why this motorcycle lift table has won my ‘Best Premium Option’ award.

The lift table can support up to 1,500lb, which when you think that Harley Davidson’s Road King weighs in at a hefty 828lb, proves that the BW-Prolift-HDXW really is a robust piece of kit. The lift itself is air operated to elevate your bike with ease to the desired height and provides a comfortable 48″ width.

Aside from its dimensions, the frame is constructed from durable thick gauge steel which Black Widow is obviously very confident about considering they offer a 12-month warranty with your purchase!

Black Widow provides an additional scissor jack that fits nicely onto the center of the table to give some extra elevation when wanting to work on the front or rear axles. In addition, the table surface comes fitted with four loopholes to strap your bike into place and a front-wheel lock to prevent any unwanted movement when that time comes to change the oil in your front shocks!

Finally, it offers a couple of extra features that I absolutely love! It has an extra-wide front extension system that provides an additional 20″ of length to the table (reaching a total of 125″). This makes it a suitable size for any Harley on the market, from a Roadster to a Deluxe!

Best Medium Range Option – Titan Ramps Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

Best Medium Range Option

Titan Ramps Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

Convenient hydraulic motorcycle lift table with ramp

Sometimes you don’t feel like forking out the big bucks on a certain product, or maybe you think it’ll only be used sporadically. This is why I have selected the Titan Ramps Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift as my ‘Best Medium Range Option,’ for when you want a great product for only a fraction of a premium product price! 

The table lift is manufactured with 11 gauge-steel and can support up to a respectable 1000lb, enough to satisfy most people’s needs. The table itself is 81″ long, but fear not if you have a large Harley Davidson because this Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift from Titan Ramps has a loading ramp that extends the table length to 105″! 

Titan Ramps offer their hydraulic lift in an eye-catching bright red color so that you will have no problems finding it hidden away in your garage! The table itself is handily equipped with a diamond-plated surface to prevent your bike from slipping and sliding. Similarly to some of the more premium options on the list, the Titan Ramp comes equipped with a hydraulic system to help elevate your bike with ease! However, unlike the more expensive options, the hydraulic foot pedal is manual!

Overall, the Titan Ramps Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift does everything you would want from a lift table while sacrificing a little bit of build quality and style. Definitely a great option for those looking to get their hands greasy at a much cheaper price! 

Best Motorcycle Lift Table with Accessories – Rage Powersports Black Widow BW-SK-P

Best Option with Accessories

Rage Powersports Professional Motorcycle Kit

Compact hydraulic motorcycle table lift with accessories kit

What motorcycle enthusiast doesn’t love accessories? Especially ones that will make their life easier and help get the most out of their workspace! This is where the Rage Powersports Black Widow BW-SK-P comes into play! This lift table conveniently comes equipped with every accessory you could ever dream of to get that professional feel. This is incredibly appealing to people who don’t want to go out and buy all the pieces separately and just want to get stuck in from minute 1!

The Rage Powersports Motorcycle Shop Kit comes equipped with several safety features. It has a removable front wheel chock, front to back loop fittings, and a seven lock height system to ensure your motorcycle doesn’t move out of place. It can support up to 1500lb and will elevate your bike up to a respectable 31.25″.

One Rage Powersports’ unique selling point is that it comes equipped with a multitude of accessories! Tire breaker, wheel balancer, and a dolly are to name a few of the high-quality extras thrown in with this lift table. This really does make you feel like you’re buying a “forever” piece of kit that is going to fulfill your motorcycle needs to the maximum!

On a final note, the fact that it only has 24″ wide means that it might not be suited to all motorcycles, particularly large touring and cruising bikes! Even if your motorcycle does fit onto the table, remain cautious because its lack of width could slightly compromise the stability of your bike!

Best Narrow Motorcycle Lift Table – APlusLift MT1500

Best Narrow Option

APlusLift MT1500

24” wide high-quality motorcycle lift table with rear-wheel dropout plate

The little brother of my ‘Best Overall’ motorcycle table lift! The APlusLift MT1500 has all the build quality of the MT1500X minus the bulkiness. This is a great lift table for people who have limited space in their workshop and don’t want to sacrifice what little they have!

Similarly to its big brother, it can hold up to 1500lb and uses a 2 phase extension system to reach a maximum length of 110″. What’s great with this is that it comes shipped with additional anti-slip traction tape to stick to the lift table surface. Combine that with its front wheel chock, and 4 strap loop holds means that your Harley will be safe and sound!

Need to change the rear wheel? No problem! Simply drop out the rear plate and get to work! These are a few of the features that I love about the APlusLift range that really does make them top-quality and durable products.

Remember that the MT1500’s convenient 24″ width may not fit all motorcycles, especially larger touring Harley Davidsons. Always double-check the dimensions of your bike before purchasing a lift table like the APlusLift MT1500!

What to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Lift Table for a Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson motorcycle

Elevation Height

The Elevation height of the lift table can play a huge part in how you’re able to work on your Harley. If you can’t lift your bike high enough, then it might be difficult to access certain points! Let’s take, for example, a lift that only ascends 10″, if you want to check out a crack in your radiator system, then you’ll have to be willing to get on the floor to have a look.. In contrast, if your lift table rises 33″, it can make your life a whole lot easier when you need to get into those hard to reach places! 


This might seem like an obvious one, but you need to double and triple-check that your beloved Harley is going to fit on your newly purchased lift table! Take into consideration the approximate weight of your motorcycle (including any extras you might have fitted), width, and probably most importantly, the length of the table. Harley Davidsons tend to be very large machines and not every table lift on the market will be able to accommodate its beastly size! 

Type of Lift

Your type of lift preference might differ depending on a few factors. What is your budget? The reality is that a large lift table is going to set you back a substantial amount of money. If you simply want a product that will elevate your bike in a simple and affordable fashion then maybe the Orion Motor Tech Scissor Lift Jack is all you need! 

If you want to partake in some more serious mechanical maintenance, then investing in a larger lift table is probably your best bet. It will allow you to access more parts of the bike in a much more comfortable and professional fashion. 

Motorcycle on lift table and man holding a helmet

Automatic or Manual Lift Table?

Well, this really ties in with the price point of the product! The majority of more expensive premium lift tables come with an automatic hydraulic foot pedal to raise and lower your motorcycle at will. Having an automatic lift will inevitably help you work on your bike quickly and with a little less effort! 

If your budget is on the lower side, then you are going to have to settle with a manual lift table, but don’t worry because even though it’s “manual,” it will still be heavily assisted by a hydraulic system or similar! It won’t be as physically taxing as you might imagine. However, it will take more time to elevate your 600lb+ Harley off the ground!

Is The Lift Table Harley Friendly?

At the end of the day, you are looking to invest in a great bit of kit to match your valuable Harley. There’s an astronomical difference in shape and size between different motorcycle models. This is why you need to seriously consider all the factors and decide which lift table is going to be most suitable for, specifically, your Harley Davidson!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you load a motorcycle on a lift table?

Nearly all lift tables will have a built-in ramp to allow access to the main part of the table. Firstly, you need to make sure your motorcycle is in neutral gear (so it can be moved). Then steadily roll your bike onto the platform and secure it with whichever safety features your lift table provides (wheel clamp or bindings). 

If your motorcycle is too heavy to be manually rolled onto the table then depending on the lift, you have two options: If the lift table lowers flat to the floor, then you can ride it onto the platform. If it doesn’t lower entirely, then you might need to ask a friend to help give your motorcycle a push! 

Harley motorcycle on a garage

How do I secure my bike onto a lift table?

Some motorcycle lift tables will have a front-wheel clamp. This helps provide an extra bit of security to the stability of the bike. However, it’s recommended that you use additional straps and clamps to tie down the front and rear axle of the motorcycle. Check if your lift table comes with fitted hooks to strap up your motorcycle or if you will need to buy additional hooks to fit into the table.

How do you use a scissor lift jack?

Scissor jacks work differently than a lift table and they are a great budget alternative to complete any maintenance on your motorcycle. You need to lower the scissor jack as much as possible and slide it beneath the engine of your bike. It’s important that you make sure the base of your engine is flat and not curved; otherwise, you can’t use a scissor jack safely! 

Once under the engine, steadily elevate the jack until it makes contact with the engine base. Double-check that your motorcycle is positioned comfortably on the table of the jack and continue to raise your bike until the desired height.

How do I know the dimensions of my motorcycle?

99% of motorcycles will have their stock dimensions available on the manufacturer’s website or by searching your bike model on the internet (all Harleys have their specifications on the official website). If you are lucky enough to have a custom or modified motorcycle, then you’ll most likely need to grab a tape measure and do it the old fashioned way!