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Top 5 Best Motorcycle Lift Tables: Stand Up and Be Counted

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If it’s time to work on your motorcycle, but your knees are screaming ‘NO’, that means you need to get one of our top picks for best motorcycle lift table. From our Top 5 picks, we’ve whittled the playing field down and come up with a winner. The coveted title goes to the Titan Ramps Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift – a lift which not only has excellent features but also won’t break the bank.

Best overall
Titan Ramps Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift
  • A great choice for motorcyclists who wants to turn to home maintenance.
Best Premium Choice
Black Widow BW-1500AO-V2-MC
  • This lift is a monster, not only in terms of features but also with an all-up weight of 440-lbs means it’s going to be as solid as a rock in your workshop.
Budget Option
PSR Power Platform Portable Work Table
  • If you need an inexpensive, mobile, raised work platform, then this portable power platform could be just what you’re looking for.

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Best Motorcycle Lift Table

Best Overall – Titan Ramps Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

Best Overall

Titan Ramps Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

A great choice for motorcyclists who wants to turn to home maintenance.

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Welcome to Motorbike Secure

So if you’re looking for a great combination of features and price points, the Titan is the best bang for your buck. The Titan Ramps Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift gets your bike off the floor without breaking your back or your wallet. The lift has an impressive safe lifting capacity of 1000-lbs. To put this into perspective, the average big-bore touring hog with all the bells and whistles bends the scales at a whopping 889-lbs so you’re well within its lifting limit.

To make sure your bike stays in place while you’re working on it, both the tabletop and the ramp have a deep diamond plate pattern. This design will help to prevent the tires from slipping. The Titan also comes with a tire vise and an angled plate right at the end of the table. This feature will prevent you from rolling straight off the end.

The vise is adjustable for width, so once the motorcycle is in position, it can be tightened to secure the wheel. Another helpful feature is the addition of a locking nut on the adjuster which ensures your front wheel stays put.

Safety is paramount when working on any bike using a lift, never mind a 900-lbs monster, and for peace of mind, this model comes with two strap mounting points. The strap mounts consist of raised U-bolts secured to the bed of the table. These are large enough to hook the beefiest of cargo straps.

Running on four small but sturdy wheels for easy maneuvering around the workshop, the two wheels mounted at the front are fitted with screw locks. These prevent movement once the table is in the right position.

As for dimensions, the Titan ramp is 81¼’’ long by 21¾’’ wide. Using Harley-Davidson’s top of the range cruise liner as an example, the Ultra Glide Classic has a wheelbase of 61½,” so there’s plenty of room to spare, even as a motorcycle lift for a large Harley.

Be aware that the approach ramp adds another 25¾” to the overall length, so when you’re considering the Titan or any of our other top choices, make sure you have enough workshop room.

When folded flat, the lift table comes in at just 8¼” deep and can be pumped up to a maximum of 33 ¾” high. A foot-operated hydraulic jack lifts the ramp and is part of a two-pedal system (one for up, one for down). With the shipping weight coming in a smidge under 300-lbs, you’ll be glad of the free shipping, too. Check first though, to make sure this applies to your Zip code.

Best Premium Choice – Black Widow Lift BW-1500AO-V2-MC Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

Best Premium Choice

Black Widow BW-1500AO-V2-MC

This lift is a monster, not only in terms of features but also with an all-up weight of 440-lbs means it’s going to be as solid as a rock in your workshop.

Weight can be a reassuring thing, just ask the chunky guy at the bottom of any acrobatic pyramid! And when it comes to stability, they don’t get any more solid than the Black Widow BW-1500AO-V2-MC.

Although not the longest of our lift tables the Black Widow makes up for its 78” length in two significant areas. Firstly, the table is an impressive 47” wide, giving you plenty of space to keep tools on hand when your bike is on the table.

The extra width also comes into its own when unbolting larger parts of your bike. The extra space means you can rest parts on the surface of the table while you ensure you account for all the related nuts, bolts, and fasteners.

The second important bonus concerns the Black Widow’s lift capacity. We’re talking Olympic grade weight lifting here, with a colossal 1500-lbs limit. This weight is equal to that of three Suzuki 650cc V-Stroms!

You will notice that this lift does not have any wheels fitted underneath the frame. Once the lift is in place in your workshop, that’s where it’s going to stay. Although this detracts from its maneuverability, the Black Widow is all about stability. And in this department, it’s rock solid.

As with all table lifts, the quality of the workshop floor you have in terms of a flat surface counts. This lift, however, features small adjustable legs on the front of the table. These screw adjusters let you take up the slack for any slight discrepancies in the floor.

Using a foot pedal to pump up 1500-lbs would take some serious leg muscles, which is why the Black Widow’s hydraulic jack uses compressed air. You will need a compressor capable of pushing out a minimum of 90-psi, which connects to the foot pedal for hands-free operation.

Once again, safety features are high on the agenda with eye bolts for tie downs on either side of the table. A stepped floor plate at the rear prevents the table from lowering unexpectedly, and with a collapsed height of 6¾” wheeling your bike up, the 24” steel ramp should be a one-person job.

The Black Widow Lift Table’s powder-coated finish looks tough. Also, included is an adjustable wheel vise with an integrated stop and an 18’’ by 20’’ drop out panel to make rear-wheel removal a piece of cake.

Best Budget Option – PSR Power Platform Portable Work Table

Best Budget Option

PSR Power Platform Portable Work Table

If you need an inexpensive, mobile, raised work platform, then this portable power platform could be just what you’re looking for.

Don’t have access to an extensive workshop space full of top of the range kit? Are you looking for a portable work table that you can easily use away from home? Then check out PSR Power Platform Portable Work Table. Strictly speaking, the Powerstand isn’t a lifting table as much as it does not have any means of raising the table independently once you secure your bike in place. Instead, you must unfold the 18” high table and use a ramp to get the bike on board.

Here, the term ‘horses for courses’ fits the bill perfectly. Firstly, the Powerstand is constructed from heavy-duty mild steel and designed to fold flat. This feature and the built-in carrying handle mean that the table folds down to 45.6’’ by 26’’ by 4.6’’.

Admittedly, at almost 75-lbs, it’s still no featherweight and weighs just a bit more than our lightest offering, the Extreme Max. But, and it’s an important ‘but’ the Powerstand retains its mobility while at the same time offering a safe weight limit of 600-lbs, double that of the Extreme Max.

Something else to think about when considering the Powerstand is you may need help with getting your bike on the platform, especially if you’re using it away from your workshop. Reviewers suggest that as the legs are not located at the end of the 88” long table, it has a propensity to tip. Therefore three people are required, one to push, one to steer, and one to steady the end of the table.

If you do buy the Powerstand for single-handed use in your workshop, it is possible to rig up a stabilizing leg under the rear of the table and perhaps secure the front end. However, it’s as well to be aware of its plus points and shortcomings.

The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is accurate. At one-quarter of the price of our most expensive lifting table, the Powerstand will win friends based on the price point alone. It’s fair to say that this platform is best for mobile applications such as race meets, with some modifications though, it is usable in your workshop.

Best for Longer Wheelbase – Auto Lift 1000M Motorcycle Lift With Tire Vise

Best for Longer Wheelbase

Auto Lift 1000M Motorcycle Lift

A sturdy, well thought lifting table with an extra-long worktop and outstanding optional accessories.

At 84” long, the Auto Lift 1000M Motorcycle Lift has the most extended worktop space of any of our top picks. This fact is important to know if you own a bike like a Harley-Davidson Softail, Yamaha XV, Honda Fury, or any type of extended front end custom.

Although not the heaviest lifting table in our selection, the Auto Lift’s shipping weight of just under 400-lbs is a testament to the heavy-duty steel used in its construction. Like the Black Widow, the Auto uses air to power its pneumatic lifting cylinder and requires an output of between 90 to 100-psi.

A foot pedal operates the smooth up and down action while a bracing leg locates in double-sided stepped arms. These prevent the table from lowering unintentionally.

The sturdy steel ramp adds another 24’’ to the length. With a completely compressed height of just 7,’’ this lift has the potential to make getting your bike on the table a one-person job. However, as with all equipment that raises a heavy motorcycle off the ground, always pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions when loading and unloading.

Fully extended, the table is 30” high and has a safe working load of 1000-lbs. There is an adjustable wheel clamp and stop at the table’s head, together with two heavy-duty eye bolts for securing straps. At the opposite end, you will find a sliding drop out panel for easy rear wheel removals.

As mentioned, the Auto Lift has the most extended table on our list. If you run a custom bike or one that requires extra length or width though, the list of extras for this motorcycle lifting table makes for some interesting reading.

Available as optional extras are extension panels that add an extra 24’’ to the width of the entire table, including the ramp. You can also purchase a 13’’ front extension separately, too, just in case you need to service your Captain America Panhead.

Best for Small Motorcycles – Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

Best for Small Motorcycles

Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic

Not everyone cruises around on a road-going behemoth, and for those with quarter literbikes or less, this hydraulic table provides all the lift you’ll need.

As our best small motorcycle lift, the hydraulically operated Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic scissor lift table is so easy to use. You’ll probably keep your bike on it full time, just for the hell of it! Its non-slip rubber pad covers a lifting platform that measures an impressive 16.¼” by 13 ¼” so stability shouldn’t be an issue.

It has the lowest weight capacity lift with its 300-lbs rating. To put this rating into context, a Honda CB 250 tips the scales at around 295-lbs. Compared to our other table lifts, the Extreme Max 5001.5083 may appear diminutive, but it sure is big on safety features.

With a maximum 34.½” height, the two supplied J-hook threaded bolts attach to your motorcycle’s footpegs. These locate in fixed U-bolts on either side of the table. You can also use these U-bolts with conventional straps. A heavy-duty steel bar with a supplied circlip can also be inserted through the frame at three different height settings. This acts as a safety lock in the unlikely event of table losing height.

It’s mounted on a heavy-duty steel box section frame with four sturdy wheels. This feature means you can secure your bike to the platform and move it around your workshop with ease. When in position, use the wheel locks to keep things right where you want them.

You will find two foot-operated pedals for smooth up and down motion. As previously mentioned, the safety bar will prevent any unscheduled lowering of the platform should you hit the wrong pedal by mistake.

A cut out in the platform means you can access the underneath of the engine for oil changes etc and the whole deal is powder-coated fire engine red.

As feature-laden and inexpensive as it is, this hydraulic table still has its limitations. As mentioned, its lifting capacity of 300-lbs dictates whether or not it’s the lifting table for you, but there are other factors at play regarding its suitability.

The most important of which is its lifting platform where it goes underneath the center of the motorcycle. It is best suited to a bike with a semi or double-cradle frame and nothing in the way to prevent the frame sitting squarely on the platform.

What to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Lift Table

red sports bike on hydraulic lift table

Weight Capacity

The old saying, ‘horses for courses,’ is 100-percent relevant when it comes to buying a motorcycle lift. Here, the most critical question you have to answer is, how much weight do I need to lift?

Find out your bike’s ‘wet’ weight, as this is the overall weight, including oil, coolant, and gas. Although all good quality motorcycle lifts will give a maximum lift load, this will have a built-in safety factor. However, don’t guess at this safety factor or take it for granted. Look for a lift that can safely handle your bike.


Make sure you look closely at the lift table’s specifications and photos to check its potential stability. If it has wheels, do they have a mechanism to prevent them from moving? Can the legs be locked in place? If a hydraulic jack lifts the table, is there a locking mechanism or shut-off valve that prevents the table from lowering?

Once you have satisfied yourself with this safety aspect, consider the physical dimensions of the table. Make sure the lift will comfortably accommodate the wheelbase and width of your motorcycle.

Ease of Use

What you are looking at here is how easy it is to get your motorcycle on to the lift. Some lifts have a built-in ramp, while others need you to supply your own. In contrast, some require maneuvering the lift underneath the bike.

These factors will also dictate whether getting the bike on the table is a single or two-handed job.


An excellent feature to look out for here is a front-wheel vise. The vise is needed to keep the bike locked in position while on the table. If one isn’t part of the deal, find out if it is available as an optional extra and, if so, the cost.

lifting table for motorcycles

Does your lifting table have a non-slip surface and strap hooks or holes? Keeping your bike well anchored is extremely important when it is on the lift. To do this, you will have to strap it down, hence the need for anchoring points.

Some tables also come with drop out rear panels, which are useful when removing the back wheel. Finally, as some motorcycle lifting tables weigh over 300-lbs checking to see if they have free delivery is a useful feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do motorcycle lift tables work?

Most table lifts work with a scissor movement, which extends a steel frame via a hydraulic or pneumatic jack, raising or lowering the table. Lifts can be oil or air operated with a foot pedal or foot-operated control box.

How do you get your motorcycle on to the table lift?

Not all table lifts are created equal. The ease of rolling your bike up the ramp and onto the table generally depends on the ramp’s length and the table’s height when fully collapsed. It is these factors that dictate the angle of climb.

To ensure the bike and lifting table are balanced this procedure can be a one-person or three-person operation. In all cases, always read the manufacturer’s instructions.

red and white motorcycle lift table

How do I secure my motorcycle when it’s on the lift table?

Safety should always be your prime concern when you have a motorcycle on a table. To make sure the bike is solidly attached, use good quality tie-down straps that can be adjusted for length and are fitted to the table’s anchor points.

Most lift tables will also come fitted with an adjustable front wheel vise or offer one as an optional extra.

How can I tell if the table is strong enough to lift my bike?

The first thing to do is to find your motorcycle’s wet weight. This information is available in the owner’s manual, or a simple web search will provide the answer. Finding the ‘wet’ weight value is essential as this includes engine oil and gasoline.

Manufacturers love to give dry weight which is a bit misleading. A gallon of engine oil weighs in at around 7-lbs and a gallon of unleaded gas tips the scales at around 6-lbs, so you can add 20 or 30-lbs to your bike’s weight without even realizing it.

The next thing to do is shortlist your pick of the best motorcycle lifts and look in the specifications to see their safe lifting weight limit. When it comes to your bike’s weight, resist the temptation to buy a lift table that teeters on the borderline.

All good manufacturers build in a safety factor when it comes to weight limits. Still, they are there for a reason, and overloading a lift table can affect the overall stability when raised to its maximum height.

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