Battery Tender vs Ctek vs Noco

Battery Tender vs Ctek vs Noco — A Fierce Battle Between 3 Motorcycle & Car Charging Giants

With so many options out there when it comes to everything to do with motorcycles, sometimes you need a base to start with. For motorcycle and car chargers at least you can’t go past Battery Tender, Ctek, and Noco when it comes to choosing your first, or your next charger. These guys have it ALL and have stood the test of time to prove their products won’t let you down.

So now you have a base to start with, the real question is which one is the best. Keep reading to find out a little bit more about each brand and decide for yourself.

Which Motorbike and Car Charger is the Best?

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Here we have three of the main motorcycle and car charging giants going head to head.

We know that they all have their pros and cons and we couldn’t possibly recommend one over another for you because they each have their own unique features so you will just have to read on a pick for yourself.

Deltran Battery Tender

The first brand we are going to be looking at is Deltran Battery Tender.

The first question that needs to be answered is: just what is a battery tender and do I need one?

In simple terms, it is a charger that plugs into an AC outlet and transfers power into your motorcycle or car battery. The company Deltran Battery Tender was started in 1965 and has been evolving with the times to give us high-quality products for over 50 years.  

One thing we loved about Deltran Battery Tender is their good range of products. A great example of the type of high-quality products provided by Deltran Battery Tender is the Battery Tender Plus Charger and Maintainer which has a compact easy to use design.

They are based in Florida, USA, and can charge Lithium-Iron-phosphate (LiFePo) batteries, among others. One of the main perks of using lithium ions in a battery for vehicles is its remarkably low-cost production and low toxicity. They also offer long-term stability.

People often use “battery tender” as a generic term, but you should know that it’s Deltran’s trademark and NOT a synonym for battery maintainer or a trickle charger.

Ctek Battery Charger

Next, we have Ctek battery chargers. Ctek has a large range of chargers just like Deltran Battery Tender and Noco. They were founded over 30 years ago in Sweden by Bengt Wahlqvist. He was the first to develop a battery charger that uses electronic pulse technology.

Ctek battery maintainers also charge Lithium-Iron-phosphate batteries among others and are designed to be left on. Once the battery is fully charged it will switch over to long-term maintenance mode automatically. The algorithm Ctek uses in order to achieve a cohesive switch is top of the line.

They specialize in fully portable chargers like the CTEK MXS 5.0 which is just about the fastest portable charger there is. Ctek has won a variety of national and international awards and recommendations, and all of its products are made in Sweden.


Last but in no way least, we have Noco which is the OLDEST company of the three. It was founded in 1914 in Ohio by Joseph Henry Nook who wanted to develop a product that would prevent battery corrosion. Their products are still designed and engineered in the United States and their global headquarters hasn’t moved from Cleveland where it all began.

They work with Lithium-Iron-phosphate batteries and lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries were the first rechargeable battery. In 2018 Noco batteries were awarded the top spots for top automotive battery chargers and have done well in other years, also having a 9/10 rating by TopSpeed.

Another thing that is very popular with Noco is the LEDs which indicate how much your battery has charged. The fact there are 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% markets is an innovative idea that most users certainly appreciate.

One example of the great type of product we have come to expect from NOCO is the Genius G1100 which is a very respectable charger to keep at home given its price. They are made in the USA and like all Noco products come with a 3 years warranty.

What are the Different Types of Motorcycle Batteries?

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Your battery is a pretty important part of your setup, so you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep it in tip-top condition. Depending on the age of your battery and how often you are riding, the type of battery can make a pretty big difference.

There are three main types of motorcycle batteries:

  • Lead Acid Battery aka Wet Cell
  • Maintenance-Free Battery aka Dry Cell
  • Gel Battery

Like anything, they all have their pros and cons but for this article, the only important thing we are going to focus on is if they can all be charged using the same battery charger.

It always pays to check if your battery charger will work with your motorbike’s battery before plugging it in and walking away. Some older bikers need 6V instead of the standard 12 and there are many other exceptions to the rule. Because Battery Tender, Noco, and Ctek have such a wide range of products, you can be pretty certain you will find something that will fit your needs through them.

What is the Difference Between Trickle Chargers and Maintainers?

Charging your battery correctly is half of the battle. Knowing the difference between a battery maintainer (also known as a float charger) and a trickle charger is a step in the right direction.

The main difference between the two is a maintainer will only charge your battery once it naturally drops below a certain threshold while a trickle charger on the other hand will be constantly charging your battery whether it’s full or not.

(For an in-depth overview of their similarities and differences, head over to this article. It’ll teach you exactly which one you need.)

All of the three brands have a range of both battery maintainers and trickle chargers although many people feel Battery Tender is slightly superior in this because of some of the features including a 10-year warranty on some products.

Frequently Asked Questions on Battery Tender vs Ctek vs Noco

motorcycle battery charging

Which battery charger is right for me?

This is a very complex question. There are so many options on the market nowadays for quality chargers for motorbikes and cars it can all get a bit overwhelming. Thankfully we have another article focusing on just that. Check out our Best Motorcycle & Car Battery Chargers article (link in the next paragraph) for ideas and advice when looking for your next battery charger.

Are CTEK battery chargers any good?

Ctek chargers have stood the test of time and are still going strong which must say something for their ability. We even featured some in our review of motorcycle battery chargers available in 2024.

Is Noco a good brand? There will always be people who will claim otherwise

There are some people who will say Noco is a terrible brand due to a bad experience just as others will swear by it. One thing is for sure and that is the fact that Noco has been well tested and won multiple awards, making it a very safe brand to go with, in our eyes at least.  

Is it safe to leave a trickle charger on all the time?

Most modern trickle chargers can be left on for long periods of time without damaging your battery. However, it is important to check the manufacturer’s instructions!