Best Womens Motorcycle Jacket

Best Womens Motorcycle Jacket [Top 6 Picks for 2024]

Jackets are like the other parts of your motorcycle gear that are not legally required by law, but you should be wearing one every time you ride. They are bulky, a burden to carry when you stop, often look out of place once you are no longer standing next to your bike, and also the only thing that will stop your torso being grated like cheese when you have a get off. 

Anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of gravel rash will attest to the fact that all the negatives of a motorcycle jacket are greatly outweighed by the single fact that it can save your skin in the event of an accident. 

Nowadays, women’s motorcycle jackets are so much more versatile, and there is no excuse to be wearing your favorite non-motorcycle jacket on a bike. Just take a look at our pick for best overall women’s motorcycle jacket, the Athena Women’s Jacket, to see what I mean. It is stylish and will keep you safe. 

If that isn’t your cup of tea, then keep scrolling for more options. We’ve also included some bonus and added some advice on how to choose the best womens motorcycle jacket that’ll suit your needs and preference!

Best overall
Street & Steel Athena Women’s Leather Jacket
  • A leather jacket for women with perforated panels on the torso for breathability, armor in the shoulders, and elbow with a pocket for a back protector, a leather shell, and a classic silhouette.
Best All-Rounder
REV’IT Xena 3 Women’s Jacket
  • This women’s motorcycle jackets’ outer shell is a mix of cowhide and artificial leather PWR|shell stretch, 3D air mesh, artificial leather.
Highway 21 Aira Mesh Women's Motorcycle Jacket W/CE Armors/Reflective Piping/Water Resistant Liner Black Size 3XL
Budget Option
Aira Mesh Womens Motorcycle Jacket
  • It has a removable liner as well as armor in the elbows and shoulders. The design is very versatile and it has a textile shell with water and wind-resistant lining.

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Best Womens Motorcycle Jacket

Best Overall – Street & Steel Athena Women’s Leather Jacket

Best Overall

Street & Steel Athena Women’s Leather Jacket

A leather jacket for women with perforated panels on the torso for breathability, armor in the shoulders, and elbow with a pocket for a back protector, a leather shell, and a classic silhouette.

The Street & Steel Athena Women’s Leather Jacket is our pick for best overall, and it’s not hard to see why. The outside shell is natural drum dyed leather, and there are perforated panels to help maintain airflow and keep you cool. 

It has CE-level armor in the elbow and shoulders as well as a pocket for a back protector if you choose to add one. There is also a removable thermal liner meaning you will be able to wear this jacket in more conditions. 

The silhouette is classic and there is a nice quilted pattern on the shoulder, which helps to make it stand out in a crowd. The waist buckles are adjustable, so you will be able to get a more tailored fit. There are internal pockets and a loop system to connect this jacket into your motorcycle pants

One thing to keep in mind is the fact that this being a leather jacket means it is not waterproof. Other than that, we love the style of this jacket; it is classic with a flare. It has a good amount of protection and given all the features, it has a very reasonable price too. 

Best All-Rounder – REV’IT Xena 2 Women’s Jacket

Best Premium Option

REV’IT Xena 3 Women’s Jacket

A lightweight women’s jacket with certified armor (in the shoulders and elbow), tight-fitting, and the stretch shell panels help it to mold more to each individual body shape.

The REV’IT Xena 3 Women’s Jacket is a high quality, and flattering, protection packed jacket that takes our best premium quality spot. This jacket looks sleek and stylish in a sporty kind of way. The outer shell is cowhide leather and underneath, there is an elastic second outer leather to ensure a good fit. 

This jacket has not skimped on protection. It has CE-level armor that is lightweight but will still offer high-quality protection. It has Seeflex CE-level 2 protection in the shoulders and elbows and has a pocket for back protection that is sold separately. 

Another great feature is the detachable thermal liner. This helps add another degree of versatility to this jacket by making it suitable for colder conditions. It is also compatible with pants via either loops for jeans or a zip for leather pants.  There are also adjustable straps at the waist and lots of stretch panels to help optimize fit. 

One downside is the fact that it is not waterproof, so it will not be suitable all year round even if it is warm enough. Depending on your bike and style, the fact that it’s a race fit will either be a big positive or potential deal-breaker. 

Overall this is a very nice women’s leather jacket. It has ample protection with the ability to add more. We love the fact that t it can connect to your pants, whether they be leather or jeans. It is very stylish but also on the expensive side. 

Side note: If you love this jacket but don’t like the price, there is the previous model, the “Xena 2”, which has a lot of the same features but has a more agreeable price tag.

Best Budget Option – Aira Mesh Womens Motorcycle Jacket

Best Budget Option

Aira Mesh Womens Motorcycle Jacket

It has a removable liner as well as armor in the elbows and shoulders. The design is very versatile and it has a textile shell with water and wind-resistant lining.

Highway 21s Aira Mesh Women’s Motorcycle Jacket is a steal. This summer-weight jacket comes with Hydraguard water- and wind-resistant removable liner, as well as Mesh and CE-level, certified protection in the shoulders and elbow. 

This jacket is one of the most versatile jackets designed for female riders I have seen in a while, paired with black leather pants it would fit right in on an R6 or any other sporty bike but throw on some blue jeans and Doc Martens, and you’re ready to take your classic bike out for a ride. 

The jacket is designed to be worn mainly in summer due to its mesh design, which keeps air circulating. If you are looking at buying a bike over summer and aren’t sure if you will be riding much in winter, this would be a great option to get started with. 

In terms of fit, it isn’t doing too badly. There are two VELCRO® waist straps, letting you adjust them to fit your build and zips on the wrist cuff, which snaps into place. There are also four pockets in total, three zippered pockets on the outside, and one VELCRO® pocket on the inside. 

Overall this is a great entry-level jacket. Its main downside is the fact that it is not suitable for colder conditions. Given the price, however, it can probably be overlooked.

Best Motorcycle Hoodie – Cat Outta Hell Armored Hoody

Best Motorcycle Hoodie

Cat Outta Hell Armored Hoody

A motorcycle jacket recommended for women looking for something that could pass for a normal everyday hoodie.

The name Cat Outta Hell Armoured Hoody is almost all you need to know about this motorcycle jacket. It could pass for a normal everyday hoodie but will give you peace of mind when it comes time to ride. 

This hoodie impressed us with the stock level of armor. It comes with CE approved shoulder, elbow, and back protector. There is no having to go out and buy extra protection with this hoodie. All the armor is removable. Meaning, if you want to wear it as just a hoodie or upgrade the armor, you won’t need to break out the scissors. 

The look of the hoodie is exactly as it should be. It has a thick cotton-poly blend that is comfortable with a zip up the front and cuffed sleeves. The Speed and Strength logo is reflective, which is a nice idea. 

The biggest issue with choosing a motorcycle hoodie over a proper jacket is even with a textile you still have a reasonable amount of protection when you are sliding although the road. With these hoodies, most of the protection is against impact rather than abrasion. And depending on your style of riding, you might be able to get away with a hoodie. It’s important to be aware of that before you buy one.  

Best for Touring – Triumph Quilted Barbour Jacket for Women

Best for Touring

Triumph Quilted Barbour Jacket

A waterproof and windproof motorcycle jacket tailored for women designed with breathable Z-liner and ample pockets.

The Triumph Quilted Barbour Jacket for Women certainly looks and lives up to Triumphs standards. This particular jacket is a great option for those among you who love touring because of its TriTex waterproof, windproof, and breathable Z-liner and ample pockets.

The fit has been tailored to fit the female figure and has an elastic waist to help keep the silhouette. The Triumph badge does overpower the jacket and is subtle enough that you will probably get away with wearing it even if you don’t ride a triumph. 

It comes with removable protection in the elbows, shoulders, and back which is CE- level certified. The outer layer is a cotton blend that is reinforced with polycordura. The lining is waterproof and windproof, adding an extra level of protection. It also has short connection zippers that work with any triumph pants.

Overall this is a very reasonably priced touring jacket. It is comfortable for long periods in the saddle and has a lot of handy features. One thing we would have liked to have seen was the ability to zip into any pants and maybe some loops, so it connects into jeans. 

Best Entry Level Leather Jacket – BILT Grace Women’s Jacket

Best Entry-Level Jacket

BILT Grace Women’s Jacket

Made with full-grain leather combined with stretch panels to create a simple silhouette.

The BILT Grace Women’s Jacket is one of the best examples of an entry-level jacket you’ll find on the market. It has a clean and simple design while highlighting all the best parts of having a leather jacket and keeping the price low. 

This ladies’ motorcycle jacket utilizes full-grain leather combined with stretch panels to create a simple silhouette that is understated but looks great. It comes with a removable quilted liner that helps it stretch more towards being able to be used in the winter too. 

It has zip entry pockets at the front as well as one inside the liner itself. In terms of protection, it comes with CE-Approved elbow and shoulder armor and a pocket if you want to add a back protector. There are also short zips that allow you to connect the jacket to its matching pants. 

Overall this is a perfect example of a good entry-level leather jacket. It comes with only the essential features like a quilt liner and zip entry pockets, which has allowed the price to drop and become accessible to more people. 

What to Consider When Buying A Women’s Motorcycle Jacket

Leather motorcycle jacket for women - with red bandanna


There are two main types of material when it comes to women’s motorcycle jackets: Leather and Textile.

Leather has always been the gold standard when it comes to any motorcycle gear. It is abrasion-resistant, which means when you come off gravel rash is one less thing you have to worry about. It also offers that special kind of fit that you just don’t get with textiles; although it doesn’t happen overnight, it’s worth the wait. Leather Jackets come in a variety of styles as well from slim fitting with the ability to zip into pants for track days on your sports bike all the way to casual brown leather with zips that lead to pockets too small to put anything in except a spare screw for your classic motorbike. Leather jackets are also heirloom pieces. My first motorcycle jacket had been my dad’s almost 30 years ago, and it lasted me well. 

Like every hero, leather also has its downfalls. In this case, it’s the weather. Leather is not naturally waterproof, and although you can get waterproofing sprays and balms, it will never hold up as well as textiles in that department. Leather is also more of a summer material because of its lack of warmth. There are, of course, ways around this like wearing extra thermals, but it is something to be aware of.

Last but not least, leather needs to be looked after. Sure, you can leave it stored in the sun and never treat it, but it won’t last anywhere near as long as it should. Given how expensive it is, it’s a good idea to look after it properly so that you’ll end up getting your money’s worth.

Textiles have come a long way and also have a lot to offer in the areas that leather lacks. The waterproofing abilities of textiles alone make them a better choice for a lot of women. They also offer a lot more warmth in the form of quilted liners and the like.

They come in more colors than standard black and browns like most leather jackets, and you will generally be able to pick up a nice textile jacket for a lot less than its leather counterpart. Textiles are versatile and come in a lot of styles. They are generally more suitable to be warm all year round (if they have a removable liner), are more breathable,  and require a lot less looking after

The main downside of textiles is that they aren’t as abrasion-resistant as leather. They will keep you safe for one crash, but after that, it is advised you replace them because of their ability to protect you from gravel rash plummets. This may also be the reason why there are a lot more budget-friendly textile jackets as opposed to leather jackets. 


A really nice leather jacket could cost you over $300, while a nice motorcycle jacket could cost you over $600. But thankfully, it swings the same way. There are knock offs, non-premium leather jackets, and a variety of other corner-cutting methods that mean you don’t have to put down two weeks’ rent on a jacket that won’t go with anything but your riding pants and boots. 

Woman wearing black and green leather jacket and helmet

As always, when it comes to choosing new motorcycle gear, set a budget first and stick to it. If you want a leather one, be prepared to spend more. At least it’ll last you longer. If textiles are more your thing, make sure you get one that suits the kind of riding you will be doing.


Trying on jackets used to be a bit demoralizing if you had a, let’s say, less womanly figure. With all the padding and protection, a leather jacket could go from making you feel sexy to frumpy in a matter of seconds. 

Nowadays, thankfully manufacturers have started to tailor women’s jackets to fit women’s figures. The main differences between guys and ladies motorcycle jackets are in the cut. Women tend to have narrower shoulders, larger chests, and wider hips, not just pink accents, I promise.

This does mean that male jackets won’t fit; it just means that buying a womens jacket to start with means it will generally be more tailored to your body shape. And who wants to look frumpy when they are riding their pride and joy. 

They are a few different types of style when it comes to motorcycle jackets, and they generally relate back to the kind of bike you ride. 

Stylish woman near motorcycle wearing casual clothes and leather jacket

For those of you looking more at touring than daily riding, you are going to want something that is maybe a little less fitting so you can layer up underneath and have external pockets will be a godsend. 

If you are riding a classic bike or want something more relaxed, then looking into classic or dare I say ‘vintage’ motorcycle jackets may be the way to go. These are styled to look like everyday leather jackets that you could wear to a party or casually with some jeans but have the advantage of protection. 

I once heard a good friend (who doesn’t ride or associate with bikes) refer to the full leather suit worn by sportbike riders as their color-coordinated power ranger suit. 

If none of these seem quite right for you, the motorcycle hoodie might just do it for you. It has a much more relaxed style but also keep in mind that they don’t have the same level of protection as a normal motorcycle jacket. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear a male jacket?

There should be no difference in the level of protection between male and female jackets. It is purely about how it fits you. So if you find everything you are looking for in the guy’s section of the shop, go for it. 

Do I have to wear a jacket?

Woman wearing grey and black motorcycle jacket

It is not required by law to wear a jacket, but if you are seriously thinking about taking your pride and joy out for a ride without a jacket, do us one favor. Stop and consider how it is going to feel if you have a get off and slide along the road. Cotton and other light materials will protect you for 1 -2 seconds, denim a wee bit longer. Jackets designed for motorcycle accidents will protect you until you stop sliding.

Can I wear a normal leather jacket?

Once again, jackets that aren’t designed to be crashed in (for example, fashion leather jackets) won’t protect you during your crash. If that isn’t persuasive enough, consider how much your leather jacket cost and how much it will cost to replace when it’s ruined compared to an entry-level textile jacket. 

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