Best Motorcycle Covers for Outdoors

Top 6 Best Motorcycle Covers for Outdoors in 2024

The importance of having a motorcycle cover goes without saying, so if you don’t have one, then what have you been doing! They protect your prized motorbike from dirt, harmful UV rays, and harsh weather conditions. Over a long period of time without an outdoor cover, your bike can start to look a little worse for wear.

Luckily for you, I’ve sifted through the endless options of outdoor motorcycle covers and compiled a list of the very best available on today’s market.

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Best Motorcycle Covers for Outdoors in 2024

Best Overall – XYZCTEM Waterproof Outdoor Motorcycle Cover

Best Overall

XYZCTEM Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Durable outdoor motorcycle cover that offers a universal fit.

The XYZCTEM Waterproof Motorcycle Cover not only boasts the ‘Amazon’s Choice’ award but also wins my ‘Best Overall’ category for outdoor motorcycle covers! XYZCTEM has manufactured an impressive product that seems to tick all the boxes!

The motorcycle cover itself stretches up to 108-inches in length, large enough to accommodate 80% of the motorcycles in the USA market. One specification that cannot be overlooked when purchasing a new outdoor motorcycle cover is the material. XYZCTEM didn’t hold back when choosing one of the most durable materials available on the motorcycle cover market. Made with high-quality Oxford material, the cover is non-abrasive, water repellent, and will prevent any harmful dirt from damaging your prized motorcycle!

One thing that you will definitely want from a new motorcycle cover is that it’s windproof. Nobody wants their brand new cover disappearing off into the sunset with a gust of wind! The XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover comes fully equipped with a professional windproof strap design to help anchor the cover to your bike.

On a final note, the cover comes fitted with 2 anti-rust aluminium lockholes that allow you to safely lock up your motorcycle and deter any would-be thieves from taking a peek!

Best Premium Option – Velmia Heavy Duty Premium Motorcycle Cover

If you’re looking for the most superior outdoor motorcycle cover on the market, then look no further than the Velmia Premium Motorcycle Cover. It was even voted ‘Cover of the Year’ by one of Germany’s largest consumer magazines! The list of features that this cover boasts is beyond belief, and that’s why I’ve awarded it my ‘Best Premium Option.’

The Velmia Motorcycle Cover is thought through to the last detail. The durable tear-resistant material is designed to protect against extreme weather conditions and even comes equipped with heat resistant fabric (up to 575 Fahrenheit) around the exhaust area. Also, the exterior is coated with reflective strips to improve your bike’s visibility at night.

In addition to its high-grade material, the design and innovation of the cover rival no others on the market. There are ventilation openings that prevent any unwanted condensation from forming on your motorcycle, which could potentially cause rust.

The transparent number plate window is an extremely useful feature that benefits the owner in several ways. Firstly, in the USA, it’s obligatory to have your number plate visible when parked on a public road, and with this window, it will prevent any unexpected fines! Secondly, in the unlikely event of your motorcycle being stolen, it could offer additional proof to the police and insurance companies.

Best Budget Option – Gutupet Motorcycle Cover with Lock-Holes & Storage Bag

Best Budget Option

Gutupet Motorcycle Cover

Tear-resistant outdoor motorcycle cover with storage bag.

The Gutupet Motorcycle Cover features everything you could ever want from a budget motorbike cover. It’s exceptionally affordable, well-made and equipped with a lot of the features that its competitors have.

Gutupet hasn’t compromised one bit with their choice of material. The cover is made from PU coated 210D Oxford fabric and is sturdily supported by double-stitched seems to prevent any tearing. The high-quality material ensures that your motorcycle will be protected in any weather conditions, rain, snow, or storms! Also, you don’t need to worry about the size of the cover because it universally fits the majority of motorcycles on the US market.

On top of the material, the cover comes equipped with aluminium lockholes and windproof buckles to provide optimum security to your motorbike and the cover. Going on a long trip? Don’t worry because the Gutupet Waterproof Motorcycle Cover conveniently packs down into an easy to carry bag!

Best Half Cover – X AUTOHAUX Motorcycle Lightweight Half Cover Protector

Best Half Cover

X AUTOHAUX Half Cover Protector

Lightweight and portable outdoor motorcycle half cover.

You might be thinking, what’s the point of a half cover? Well, you’d be surprised how popular they are amongst motorcycle enthusiasts and how they find their own place within the motorbike cover market. Half covers provide protection towards a motorcycle’s most vital components such as the controls, speedometer and gas tank; keeping your seat nice a dry for your next ride!

The X AUTOHAUX Half Cover is one of the best half covers available to consumers. Made with high-grade 210T polyester fabric that can battle the harshest weather conditions, you don’t need to worry about any unexpected water damage to your bike’s controls.

Additionally, the cover comes fitted with an elastic hem so that you can mount/remove the cover within seconds, and it even packs down into a super lightweight carry case! The fact that the AUTOHAUX is a half cover also means that it’s admirably cheaper than your traditional outdoor motorcycle cover.

Best for Security – Badass Moto Ultimate Motorcycle Cover

Best for Security

Badass Moto Ultimate Motorcycle Cover

Extra heavy-duty motorcycle cover that specializes in security features.

The Badass Moto Ultimate Motorcycle Cover takes pride in its superior build quality, extreme durability, and enhanced security features, “designed by bikers, for bikes.” The cover comes in a variety of sizes (S-XL) so that you can get the perfect fit and securely attach it around the bottom of your motorbike.

Badass Moto has cut no corners with their 300Denier Polyester Fabric, one of the most durable and high-quality fabrics you can find on the market! The cover features high tech waterproofing to prevent any degrading of the cover’s quality, and several double vented seems to reduce the risk of condensation.

One of my favorite features of the cover is its hidden pockets that are dotted around the inside lining. They give the option to conveniently store an alarm system, giving any potential thieves a nasty surprise if they decide to take a peek at your bike!

On a final note, Badass Moto claims that their cover is “built to last years” and that they “promise you’ll get your money’s worth,” which seems to be an unofficial guarantee if the product doesn’t live up to your expectations! Well, the nearly 1000 amazon ratings seem to be incredibly happy with the purchase, so it must live up to its reputation!

Best Motorcycle Shelter – Mophorn Motorcycle Shelter Shed

Best Motorcycle Shelter

Mophorn Motorcycle Shelter Shed

Premium strong frame motorcycle shed shelter system.

An unusual but effective alternative to a traditional outdoor motorcycle cover is the Mophorn Motorcycle Shelter Shed. You might be wondering what the advantages are by using a shelter shed system, and I don’t blame you, considering they’re a bit a rarity in today’s market. However, there’s a host of benefits ranging from security, convenience and durability!

Firstly, Mophorn equips their shelter shed with a galvanized bracket frame that works as the cover’s skeleton. The bracket itself is anti-corrosive and provides a sturdy base to safely cocoon the largest of motorcycles (up to 106” in length). Attached to the frame is a TSA code lock that provides extra security when your bike is parked outside and in the eye of the public.

One of the greatest benefits of using a shelter shed is that its frame can support a more durable and heavier material. The Mophorn Motorcycle Shelter Shed sports a 600D Oxford waterproof fabric that can endure 1200mm H20/m of water pressure. The fact that the shed is produced with a 2-3x thicker fabric than many of its competitors means that it offers extra protection against extreme weather such as snow, heat, etc.

The Mophorn shed seems to be the ideal protection cover for buyers who don’t have the convenience of indoor storage space, such as a garage, for their motorcycle. You can simply set up the shelter shed on the driveway or beside your property and enjoy a comfortable, semi-permanent structure to store your motorbike safely.

Best Value Bundle Deal – Cape Waterproof Motorcycle Cover with Heavy Duty LockCape

Who doesn’t love a good bundle? The Cape Waterproof Motorcycle Cover comes bundled together with a heavy-duty cable lock and an easy to use backpack, which for the price, offers great value for money!

The cover itself is UV resistant and weatherproof so that it keeps your motorcycle safe and sound when beneath the cover. As for the design, it’s a fairly basic black finish partnered with some even more industry-standard front-wheel lockholes where you can fix your brand new lock system.

As for the included lock, it does the job well. It’s equipped with an 18mm thick solid cable lock that provides sufficient safety to suit the majority of owners’ needs. However, I believe its most productive application would be as a 2nd lock to complement a sturdier chain lock! The cover bundle conveniently provides 2 lock keys so that you can rest easy if you lose one.

The final product in the Cape Motorcycle Cover Bundle is a backpack carry case. It’s always handy to have a means to comfortably transport your case when you’re not using it. The backpack itself is a basic drawstring design, so it’s not going to win the “backpack of the year award,” but it does the job!

Best Large Bike Cover – XYZCTEM All Weather Black XXXL Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Best Large Bike Cover

XYZCTEM All Weather Black XXXL Cover

Huge top-quality motorcycle cover that fits Harley Davidsons.

If you have an absolute beast of motorcycle, maybe a Harley or Goldwing, then you’re going to need a beast of a cover to protect your bike. The XYZCTEM All Weather Black XXXL Cover is one of the largest motorcycle covers available to buy and can fit bikes up to a whopping 118”!

The cover is manufactured by XYZCTEM, the same company that won my “Best Overall” award, so you know the cover is going to be the real deal! The cover has an anti-scratch inner lining, so you don’t need to worry about any unwanted damage when removing it, and will protect your motorbike from a variety of weather conditions.

What’s great about XYZCTEM is that they offer 24-hour service to their customers in need of any support or advice when it comes to their motorcycle cover. It’s an overall great service and an even greater outdoor cover!

Best Motorcycle Cover for Sports Bikes – Dowco Guardian Motorcycle Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Best for Sports Bikes

Dowco Guardian Motorcycle Cover

Motorcycle cover available in a variety of styles and sizes with ClimaShield fabric technology.

Dowco has a great reputation for producing top-of-the-range outdoor motorcycle covers, and the Dowco Guardian Motorcycle Cover lives up to it!

The company has been perfecting its manufacturing of motorcycle covers since 1977, and the results are presented in this great outdoor cover. The material itself is patented with its unique ClimaShield technology, which is formulated to provide extra moisture resistance, durability, and breathability.

The design itself is intelligent and comes fitted with alarm pockets and a large moisture guard vent to keep your motorcycle freshly aired! You can easily remove the cover using the quick disconnect strap that relieves the elastic tension so you no longer need to awkwardly struggle when trying to pack down your cover.

Talking about packing down, the Dowco Guardian has a compression storage bag that makes the cover incredibly easy to transport and store in tight places! However, for me, the most impressive thing about this cover is the fact that it is available in a range of styles specifically made to fit your style of the motorcycle ranging from Groms to Harleys and sports bikes.

What to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Motorcycle Cover


motorcycle parked outside with black waterpoof motorcycle covers

It might seem like an obvious thing to consider, but making sure that you purchase an outdoor motorcycle cover that fits like a dream is incredibly important. I mean, after all, the better it fits, the better protection it’s going to offer.

Quite often, manufacturers will state that the cover’s size is “universal,” but that isn’t necessarily true. A lot of these “universal” motorcycle covers will only fit up to and around 104” in length, which in reality is suitable for the majority of motorcycles on the market, but not all! Several other covers like the Badass Moto Ultimate Motorcycle Cover will offer different sizes ranging from S-XL to ensure the buyer gets the perfect size for their machine.


Throughout the article, you’ve probably seen many words thrown around such as “300D Oxford material” which refers to the fabric of the cover. Well, these numbers play a huge part in the quality of the cover and its durability. However, bear in mind that a higher number doesn’t mean that it’s the best and you should just go ahead and buy it!

A host of outdoor motorcycle covers, such as the Gutupet Waterproof Motorcycle Cover, are manufactured with 210D Oxford material which is usually more than enough to protect your motorcycle from the harshest of elements and provide long-lasting durability. Generally, you’ll find that most motorcycle covers are manufactured with 200-300D material and will provide similar build quality!


protecting motorcycle with silver motorcycle cover

There’s a plethora of design features that you can find in today’s outdoor motorcycle cover market; the challenge is finding the cover that ticks all boxes and fulfills your needs! The first thing that you need to consider is whether you want a full or half motorcycle cover? Or perhaps the even more unconventional shelter shed style.

Each of the 3 mentioned styles offers different pros and cons that may be appealing to the buyer. For example, if you’re going to be parking your motorcycle outside every day, then you might favor a full cover or shelter shed so that the weather can’t damage your motorbike in the long run.

A half cover could be more suitable if you simply want to cover your bike temporarily, for example, if you go on a day trip and park your motorcycle for the afternoon. Additionally, shelter sheds aren’t really used on public roads and are normally placed by the owner’s house, on the driveway, or garden. All the previous factors will certainly affect your decision when choosing your new outdoor motorcycle cover’s style!

Aside from the cover’s style, there are many features that improve its safety, look and protection qualities. Nearly all motorcycle covers will come equipped with lockholes so that you can attach a lock. Still, it’s worth considering that some covers will have additional features like alarm pockets and anti-wind fastenings.

Finally, take into account the climate that you live in and how that might affect your motorcycle and the cover. If you live in a predominantly hot climate then it would be wise to purchase a cover with ventilation so that it reduces the risk of condensation and the potential of mold/rust forming.


There’s a huge variation in prices when it comes to motorcycle covers. Make sure that you consider the product’s price point and what your expectations are! Most probably, a $15 cover isn’t going to offer long-term protection to your motorbike if you’re planning on parking it outside all day, every day.

motorcycle covered in snow

If you’re serious about finding a cover that’s going to stay with you a while, then make sure you’re prepared to pay a little bit more! And remember to read the Amazon consumer reviews to get a more in-depth idea of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my motorcycle cover?

The key to cleaning your brand new motorcycle cover is to do it regularly! If you maintain your covers cleanliness, it’s going to last longer and protect your motorbike better.

The most effective way to do this is to use a clean damp cloth, no need for special cleaning products, and give it a good old-fashioned wipedown from top to bottom. After you’ve completed this, grab a clean, dry cloth and make sure to dry it as thoroughly as possible, and just like that, you have a sparkling clean cover!

How do I lock my motorcycle cover?

This can vary depending on the manufacturer; however, the majority of covers will come with lockholes. Lockholes are usually located around the front or rear-wheel and designed to allow a chain to pass through and securely lock your motorcycle and cover together.

Alternatively, some covers will come with clip or buckle fastenings to wrap around your bike. This allows you to use your normal locking system without having to necessarily attach the lock to the cover.

Do I need a motorcycle cover If I park my bike in a garage?

Well, it’s not obligatory because a garage is like a giant waterproof cover in its own right. But, there still are some benefits to covering your motorcycle when it’s parked in your garage.

The main pro of this is that the cover will still protect your bike from dust; we’ve all been there after returning from a 2-week vacation, or after storing it through the winter season, opened up the garage and our motorcycle is covered in horrible dirt!

parking lot with covered motorcycles

Can I put a motorcycle cover on a hot bike?

This depends on your cover and if it’s equipped with heatproof qualities. Some outdoor motorcycle covers will have insulation around the exhaust area or even all over the cover, which means you don’t need to wait when throwing your cover over your motorbike.

If the manufacturer of your cover doesn’t mention these qualities, then there’s a good chance that your exhaust will melt straight through and make a great big mess of your casing and the cover itself!

What should I look out for in a motorcycle cover?

There are several factors that you should look out for when in the market for a new motorcycle cover. One of the most important is if it’s “waterproof” or “water-resistant,” you might not think twice about it, but there’s a difference between these 2 statements.

“Water-resistant” covers will do a very good job of consistently keeping your motorcycle dry, but in the case of a torrential downpour, it could leak a small amount of water. But, that does mean that “water-resistant” covers are slightly more breathable than its “waterproof” counterpart; meaning, less condensation build-up!

“Waterproof” covers imply that absolutely no water can enter or leave the cover. This is particularly beneficial if you’re going to store your motorcycle outside in the winter or if you live in a particularly wet part of the world.

UV protection, aside from a cover being waterproof/resistant this is one of the most important things to look out for. UV rays, or better known as sunlight, can cause huge amounts of damage to the exterior of your motorcycle. You need to make sure you buy an outdoor motorcycle cover with good UV protection to keep your bike looking brand new!

The last thing to look out for is the ability to transport the cover. There’s a good chance that you’re going to go on trips/expeditions and need to cover your motorcycle when you’re not using it! How are you going to do this? Well, ideally, with a cover carry case. Otherwise, you’re going to need to awkwardly store it in your motorcycle panniers or additional backpack.