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Best Women’s Motorcycle Pants [Top 5 for 2024]

Motorcycle pants are often the last piece of gear that we buy, for a variety of reasons. These reasons are all valid until you find yourself sliding along the road, having your first taste of road rash. 

Women’s motorcycle pants have come a long way from being either, leather hot pants or bulky bubble wrap. There are a variety of styles, and materials leaving no excuses left to put off buying quality motorcycle pants. 

The options have evolved so much that you can now wear leggings on the bike, like our pick for the best overall motorcycle pants, Oxford Super Leggings. These along with the rest of our picks cover pants for a variety of riders, as well as tips and tricks on what to consider when buying your own.  

Best overall
Oxford Super Motorcycle Leggings
  • These leggings are fully lined with aramid, come with Full CE Level 2 knee protectors fitted.
  • There are two choices in colour and they are thin enough to fit under your normal clothes.
Best All-Rounder
Alpinestar Stella Andre Pants
  • These pants have it all – removable knee protection, thermal lining, pre-contoured legs, and vents to spare.
Budget Option
Joe Rocket Ballistic Pants
  • These pants are waterproof, with a removable liner.
  • They have knee and hip protection as well as areas with heat resistant material.

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Best Womens Motorcycle Pants

Best Overall – Oxford Super Leggings

Best Overall

Oxford Super Leggings

These leggings are kitted with protection, fully lined with Aramid while maintaining the style and comfort of normal leggings

Leggings are the most comfortable choice of pants period. Oxford Super Leggings have taken the comfort of every day, around the house leggings, and added armor while maintaining the style. 

These leggings come with a surprising amount of protection. We like the fact that it has an aramid lining rather than just in crucial places. The CE rated knee inserts are also a nice touch. We do wish that they included some hip sliders given the price.

The fact they are so thin is a massive bonus, they fit as a base layer under regular clothes, as not to force you to compromise style for protection. What’s more, they come in blue or black and have pockets for hip protection too!

Best All-Rounder – Alpinestars Women’s Stella Andre Motorcycle Pants

Best All-Rounder

Stella Andre Motorcycle Pants

These pants have it all – removable knee protection, thermal lining, pre-contoured legs, and vents to spare

Alpinestar has outdone themselves with their Stella Andre Motorcycle Pants. They are packed full of features and protection, which is why they are our pick for the best all-rounder.

They come with a removable thermal liner making them perfect for summer and winter riding. 

The legs construction comes pre-contoured, putting less strain on your knees over time. They are heaps of vents that can be opened or closed depending on the weather as well as waterproof pockets. 

They have CE rated removable knee protection, but once again, the hip protectors were sold separately, which is a bit of a shame. They have a high level of abrasion resistance thanks to the Reinforced polymer-printed texture in critical areas. 

These pants have it all and do it all; however, they also have a price tag to match. They are stylish textile pants, and given all the features, we feel they are worth the price. Keep in mind, however, to size up as they seem to run a bit small. 

Best Budget Option – Joe Rocket Ballistic Motorcycle Pants

Best Budget Option

Joe Rocket Ballistic Pants

These pants are completely waterproof with a removable liner for warm weather riding

If you are looking for one pair of pants to do it all on a budget then look no further, the Joe Rocket Ballistic Pants are the way to go. These pants are 100% waterproof meaning you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain. The waterproof lining is also removable for the summer months. They have two-way zips on the legs and a Sure Fit™ adjustable waistband.

Protection-wise, they have height-adjustable knee protectors that are CE certified, and they also come with removable hip padding for extra protection. The outer fabric is heavy-duty nylon, and on the lower leg, there is heat resistant material. These pants also have a zipper for jacket attachment. 

These women’s motorcycle pants are packed full of features. They would be great for someone who just wants one pair of pants to do it all, while not breaking the bank. Taking out the lining means that they could also use it as summer pants which is a massive bonus. 

Best for Casual Riding – Alpinestar Daisy Denim Jeans

Best for Casual Riding

Alpinestar Daisy Denim Jeans

The most discrete pair of riding jeans equipped with removable knee protectors

Alpinestars Daisy Denim Jeans are perfect for casual riding. They are comfortable, but more importantly, they look like any other pair of normal jeans. They have a regular cut, so they are not super skinny, which is a bonus for some people.

Protection wise they are a little bit lacking, we would have liked to see them fully lined with Aramid rather than just in the knee and seat areas. The knee protection is CE certified and there are also pockets for hip protectors but they are sold separately. 

Overall they are nice riding jeans that would be perfect for around-town riding or maybe even commuting. The protection level is low, and they do focus more on style and looks. 

Best Motorcycle Jeans – Knox Scarlett Skinny Jeans

Best Motorcycle Jeans

Knox Scarlett Skinny Fit Women’s Jeans

Riding jeans specifically created and styled for protection.

The Knox Scarlett Skinny Fit Women’s Jeans is designed to combine protection and style. They are a skinny fit, meaning they should fit inside your motorcycle boots and you could dress them up or down. These riding jeans are also made from stretchy 10oz Cordura denim and treated with a water repellent finish making them a lot more versatile. 

You are never going to get the same level of protection from riding jeans as you would from leather or textile pants however these jeans come partially lined with kevlar and with CE approved knee and hip protector inserts. It would have been nice to see them fully lined with kevlar or Aramid, but given the price, we feel they are a pretty good deal. 

What to Consider When Buying Women’s Motorcycle Pants

Type of Riding You Will be Doing

Oxford Riderwear Women's Mondial Pants
Oxford Women’s Mondial Pants. Image Credit: Oxford Riderwear.

There are many different types of motorcycle pants available that it’s easy to spend your budget for the month on a pair of fully kitted out motorcycle pants, only to realize a few weeks later that you just needed something to commute in.

Unlike a lot of women’s motorcycle gear, there are motorcycle pants for almost every occasion. When choosing motorcycle pants, it is essential to be realistic about the type of riding you will be doing, and the level of protection that you need. 

Daily commuters might want to consider looking into options that are more discreet than traditional riding gear and therefore might pass as regular pants depending on your work environment. Also, think about pants that you will be comfortable walking and moving around in, all day. 

The weekend warriors, who at the first hit of a lovely day are pulling on their kit and getting ready for a ride, might want to consider comfort over style. You will probably want pants that match your jacket but other than that, generally style isn’t as important. Vents, on the other hand, a lifesaver. Looking for riding pants with more protection like hip and knee inserts as well as breathable pants are your best bet. 

When it comes to pants for racing the rules change. Protection should be at the top of your list. There are some areas with specific rules about the gear you can have while racing for example only leather or in some places they won’t let you on the track without a suit. It is important to check the regulations for your area before even starting your search. 


There are four main styles of motorcycle pants: Leather, Textile, Jeans, and leggings. They all have their pros and cons, but often there will be one that will fit your needs more than the rest.

Woman wearing leather motorcycle pants

Leather pants have become almost a sex icon for women. If only people realized how expensive they are! Leather is naturally abrasion resistant and therefore a lot less likely to need replacing after a crash when compared to the other options. Leather also has a special kind of fit after you break it in that you just don’t get with any other material. They are, however, often more expensive and need special care. Leather isn’t naturally very breathable and isn’t waterproof. 

Textiles are the other heavy-duty option for riding gear. They are generally a lot cheaper than leathers; they are a lot more customizable meaning you can add more protection, liners, waterproof layers, etc. They can be washed typically and are very breathable. The downside is they will usually only last you one crash since any kind of friction while tumbling down the road often ends up melting the fabric, making them unsafe to wear again.

Motorcycle jeans have become a lot more popular over the last few years. Gone are the days when any heavy pair of jeans counted as protection. Now there are a variety of different styles such as high rise, low rise, slim fit, bootleg, etc. Motorcycle jeans look great, that is a well-known fact. They are also a lot more discreet than leathers or textiles as well as being more comfortable to walk in. They don’t, however, offer the same level of protection. Many options provide insertable protection in the knee and hip areas, but in the event of a severe accident jeans will wear down a lot faster. 

Motorcycle leggings have the same benefits of motorcycle jeans, but they are more comfortable. There are generally fewer options to add extra protection too, and they are not waterproof.

Oxford Riderwear Super Leggings
Oxford Super Leggings. Image credit: Oxford Riderwear


Your budget decides what pants will end up buying. To save yourself the heartache of finding the perfect pair before and then turning over the price tag, set yourself a budget, and stick within it. 

Knowing that if you are on more of a budget, avoiding leathers will make life easier purely because they are more expensive is also a good tip. On the other hand, if the budget doesn’t matter to you, maybe consider getting two pairs that have different uses, rather than trying to find one pair that does it all. 


Denim is the fabric used to make jeans. It is thick and offers some level of abrasion resistance, however, that level is low unless combined with Aramid or Kevlar. 

Aramid is a type of synthetic fiber used to line the inside of jeans or leggings. It is heat-resistant, so it can help stop the fabric from ‘melting’ and giving you road rash. 

Kevlar is a special type of synthetic fiber with extremely high tensile strength. It is lightweight and also used to line riding gear. 

CE Rating means it has passed a series of European safety standards. Gear with a CE rating is generally considered to have a higher level of protection. However, it is important to note that it is a self-certification scheme meaning the gear manufacturers declare it themselves. 

Gore-Tex is a waterproof lining that is breathable and used to line “all types of weather” riding gear. Gore-Tex is very well known and trusted. It is also used for wet weather gear and in waterproof boots.

Goretex is a waterproof lining often used in motorcycle pants

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear men’s motorcycle pants? 

Men’s and women’s motorcycle gear is often very similar. They are cut in slightly different ways to allow for the general difference in shape between men and women. The safety rating and product should be the same. The most important thing is the fit, so if you find a pair of men’s riding pants that fit you better than the women’s, go with whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. 

Can I wear jeans while riding a motorcycle?

Everyday jeans have a meager abrasion rating. That’s why most do not recommend wearing them as motorcycle pants. However, if you have no other option, they will offer slightly more protection than cotton or other types of pants.