Technician Changing Tire On A Motorcycle

Cycle Gear Tire Change Services: Does Their Service Teeth Mesh Well?

What are the two fundamental maintenance tasks that your motorcycle needs?

It’s tire change and balancing.

While installing the tires can be done in a garage, balancing them needs more tools and skills.

So, heading to a tire service center can be a good option.

That brings us to Cycle Gear. (Unless you have been hibernating for decades under the ice you have surely heard of them.)

It’s a renowned store that not only sells motorcycling gear and accessories but also provides tire mounting services.

Are Cycle Gear tire mounting services reliable? And will it burn a hole through your wallet?

Let’s find out.

Does Cycle Gear Do Tire Changes?

Motorcycle Tire

Cycle Gear performs tire changes whether you purchase the tires from their store or from another vendor.

Before going into the details, let’s take a look at the company.

Cycle Gear started its operations in 1974 from a small store in Northern California. Today, it has 148 stores in 37 states and growing at a fast rate.

With a team comprising motorcycle enthusiasts, it offers a wide range of high-quality gear, parts, and accessories for riders. The brand is committed to delivering quality products and the best prices.

Cycle Gear is also a part of the Comoto Family of Brands that include RevZilla and J&P Cycles.

What are the services that Cycle Gear offers?

There are two main services that the brand provides.

  • Mounting and computerized balancing for street and off-road tires
  • Tube changing services for all tube-type tires

But what about the Cycle Gear tire change price?

The price for the service varies. When you purchase a tire from Cycle Gear, the price for mounting a street tire is $25. For an off-road tire, it’s $20.

However, when you purchase from other vendors, the prices are $50 and $30 for the same.

Keep in mind these prices exclude tube replacement, valve stems, tire disposal, and other local taxes and fees.

In addition, Cycle Gear provides free lifetime tire balancing services along with tire mounting.

Now, you may ask, can’t I mount the tires on my own?

Yes, you can if you have the right bike lifting platform or a floor jack. 

However, balancing the best tires is a completely different ball game that needs the right set of tools. 

For an experienced hand, it can take a few hours. But for newbies, it might take the whole afternoon. 

And without the right balancing, the motorcycle’s performance will suffer; even if you pick the best tires.

That makes choosing the right vendor for tire balancing an important decision.

Is Cycle Gear Tire Mounting Services Good?

To be honest, I have used products from Cycle Gear but never visited them for mounting tires.

However, quite a few of my friends have used Cycle Gear services and are satisfied with it. The general feedback is, they have a professional team that works efficiently without scratching the bike. 

Besides, the Cycle Gear customer support team is helpful too. Lastly, the charges are reasonable.

Even so, there is some negative feedback about the service. But mostly, that’s related to the carelessness of an individual technician.

Keep in mind, not all branches of Cycle Gear offer tire mounting services. Check the services offered in the store before you visit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get motorcycle tires changed at Cycle Gear?

If you buy the tires from Cycle Gear, the prices are $25 for a street tire and $20 for an off-road tire. For tires purchased from other vendors, the charges are $50 and $30 respectively.

How much is the wait time for a tire change at Cycle Gear?

The wait time can vary depending on the staffing and the service volume. Cycle Gear suggests that you call the local store before visiting.

Do motorcycle tires need to be balanced?

Balancing your motorcycle tires is necessary to make them wear evenly. Otherwise, it can lead to unbalanced ride conditions and affect performance and ride safety.