Motorcycle Tire Changing Stand (featured)

Homemade Motorcycle Tire Changing Stand [How to Make 3 Different Types!]

If you are a frequent rider, you know how fast motorcycle tires can wear out. And when you have to pay someone else to change tires, the expenses add up really fast.

However, you might want to get your hands on a tire-changing stand before you start searching for the best motorcycle tires.

What if you don’t have the budget to buy one?

So what? You can always make your own homemade tire-changing stand.

As a bonus, you get that priceless satisfaction that comes from a DIY job.

How Do You Make a DIY Tire Changer?

Motorcycle In A Garage

What I like most about tire-changing stands is the extra height. It really makes things more comfortable for a ride-weary lower back like mine. 

Now a homemade option may not be the best for large and heavy tires. But for medium-sized bikes and dirt bikes, they will surely get the job done.

There are some great ideas that many users have suggested. Here’s a closer look at a few that you can use to make your own stand.

1. A Welded Metal Stand

Anyone looking for a heavy-duty tire-changineg stand will find this a great option. The main structure is made of square tubes that are welded to form a stable and durable frame. 

Keep in mind, the height of the frame will depend on your own height. 

You should first weld the circular tire support on the top of the tube. On top of that, there’s a plastic plate to prevent any scratches on the rim.

The tire holding rods at the top are also welded to the mainframe. The size of these rods can vary depending on the size of the tire.

While these stands are not height adjustable and on the heavier side, they are practical and super durable.

2. A Bucket Stand for Dirt Bikes

If you want a stand for dirt bikes, this is a simple and effective way to make one.

And guess what?

It’s made from two robust 5-gallon buckets.

The base is made from two wooden pieces fixed like a cross to withstand the forces. The support rod is connected to the bottom with a nut and washer. Again. The height of the support rod will depend on your height and the size of the tire you want to change.

Now, slide the buckets into the support rod and put the tire over it. Use a locking nut and a washer to lock the tire from the top.

3. A Removable Tire Stand (The Easiest to Make!)

Let’s say, you don’t have enough space in your garage for storing a bulky tire stand. Nor are you in the mood for DIY tasks.

Then, the wooden table in your garage will easily work as a tire-changing stand. Just drill a hole through the wood and slide a rod through it. Then, lock it up by using a nut at the top.

If the table is stable enough, this stand can easily handle a lot of weight without any chance of slippage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should motorcycle tire installation cost?

Shops usually charge between $20 to $30 if you buy the tire from them. Otherwise, the installation charges can be around $50 or more for a tire.

How do you change a tire on a motorcycle field?

Changing the tire in the field or on a trail will require the use of tire spoons. Also, since you won’t have a lifting jack, you need to use a rock or a log to lift the bike up. I would also suggest using plastic shields to protect the rim for light sports bikes.

Can you change a motorcycle tire by hand?

Yes, you can. But you will need a bead-breaking tool, especially if you’re changing big tubeless tires. Using a tire paste or a warm soap and water solution is also a good idea.