How To Install A Ground Anchor

How to Install a Ground Anchor (Don’t Just Wing It!)

Worried about the security of your motorcycle in the garage?

To be honest, considering the rising rate of motorcycle theft in the US, you should be. 

Installing a ground anchor in your garage or carport is one of the best ways to keep your motorcycle secure. Once you fix a ground anchor, you can use a chain lock to secure your motorcycle with it.

Let’s find out how to install a ground anchor.

How to Choose the Best Ground Anchor

There are a wide variety of ground anchors to choose from depending on your preferences. If you are a first-time buyer, it can get a bit confusing.

Here are two quick tips to help you make the right choice.

  • In general, ground anchors are bolted into a concrete surface or sunk into wet concrete. These are designed for permanent installation. If you are in rented accommodation, you can check out the removable or temporary ground anchors.
  • Next, you need to pick the right surface for installation. Without a doubt, concrete is the best choice. You can also use a brick wall or a wall plate, but they aren’t as secured. Still, they are better than leaving your bike unsecured.

Now, some veterans suggest that an anchor mounted to the wall can be relatively safer than one fixed to the ground.

Actually, a chain connected to a floor-mounted anchor has a lot of slack. That allows a rider to put all his weight on the handles of a bolt cutter by placing one handle on the floor. 

But when the chain is fixed to a wall, there’s less slack. And unless you’re dealing with a supervillain, cutting 14mm thick chains using just hand power is a real tough task. 

Still, you need to choose a strong wall. Wall anchors are also good options if you have gravel under your carport.

How to Install a Ground Anchor for Your Motorcycle

A ground anchor is only good when it’s properly installed. The good news is, you don’t need much DIY prowess to get the job done.

Ground anchors come with a base plate and a shackle. It also comes with a hardened plastic shell cover that allows you to drive a vehicle over it. You will also find the bolts, nuts, ball bearings, and an Allen wrench required for the job included in the package.

Let’s look at installing both types of ground anchors. 

What about the tools?

Oh, yes! You will need a powerful drill for digging into concrete and a hammer. Also, use protective eyewear while digging.

Installing Bolt-In Ground Anchors

  • Firstly, choose a solid concrete floor free from cracks or damage for installation. Try placing it in a corner to make things harder for an intruder. And for your toe’s sake, DO NOT install it in the middle of the garage floor. (Unless you want to bump into a chunky piece of steel every now and then.)
  • Place the base plate in position. Mark its outline and the center of one hole.
  • Drill the hole and clear all the dust and debris from it by using a vacuum.
  • Put the expanding nut into the hole and tap lightly to insert it fully.
  • Place the plate over the outline and insert one bolt and tighten it lightly. Now mark the center of the other three holes.
  • Remove the bolt and drill the remaining holes. Place the expanding nut into all of them.
  • Place the base plate and fix the bolts. Tighten them with the Allen wrench.
  • Hammer lightly to fix the anti-theft ball bearings on the top of the bolt heads. This will make it impossible to loosen the bolts.
  • Lastly, fix the shell cover with the separate bolts provided.

Installing Concrete-In Ground Anchors

For this, you will need to dig a hole of the required size in the concrete floor. Obviously, it will take more time and effort.

Once the hole is ready, clean all the dust and concrete chips. Now, prepare a 3-2-1 concrete mix and set the anchor into the hole with it.

The concrete will take 24 to 48 hours to solidify. But it will take up to 7 days to get fully cured. So don’t use the anchor within this period.

How to Remove a Ground Anchor

Motorcycle Anchor Lock

Get this: the best ground anchors are designed for permanent installation. Once installed, you will need to dig the floor to remove them.

If it’s not possible for you to install a permanent unit, try picking a temporary ground anchor. They are designed to be dug into soft ground.

Honestly, I have also seen motorcycles chained to two 90-pound kettlebells working as anchors. If you don’t mind aesthetics, it’s not a bad choice when drilling holes in the ground isn’t an option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install ground anchors?

Ground anchors can be installed by drilling holes in the ground and bolting them. Otherwise, you can also embed them in a concrete mixture.

How does a ground anchor work?

The ground anchor acts as an immovable point for anchoring your motorcycle with a heavy-duty chain lock. Since the anchor is fixed, the motorcycle can’t be stolen without cutting the chain

Can I install a motorcycle ground anchor?

Ground anchors that need bolting are relatively easy to install. You can get the job done within a few minutes.