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Top 9 Motorcycle Message Boards You’ll Regret Not Joining Sooner

Sorry, naysayers, but forums aren’t dead.

In fact, if you’re a motorcycle fiend, motorcycle message boards are often the ONLY place to resort to for specialized info. (And hang around with fellow fiends while at it.) You know the rule: where Google fails, forums rock!

The best thing about these forums is, no matter the phase of motorcycling you are in, you will find help and support from experienced members. And there are loads of interesting discussions that will help you to delve deeper into this world of oil, sweat, and dust.

So, which are the best motorcycle message boards you can join if you are a serious rider? Or, perhaps you are looking for a more casual motorcycle forum to hang out.

To help you out, here’s a closer look at some of the top ones.

9 Best Motorcycle Forums Out There

When I was a newbie in the world of motorcycling, I joined quite a few forums without giving it much thought. Honestly, the experience has mostly been positive.

(Even the hotheads peddling the “loud pipes save lives” philosophy had a positive impact: I was one of them until I wasn’t.)

reddit conversation on motorcycles

Note, this list of motorcycle riding forums is not based on any order of preference. I have included general motorcycle forums and also forums for specific brands. 

So, feel free to join one or all based on your preferences.

1. Best Place to Start: Motorcycle Forum

motorcycle forum

This forum was set up in 2004 and the number of members stands at nearly 100,000. This is a general forum that discusses a variety of issues including performance, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

It has various subforums for different topics. Some of these are also for specific brands like BMW, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, and others. There are also forums to discuss repairs and motorcycle gear.

As with most forums that aren’t Reddit, there are inactivity issues. Still, you’ll never have to wait longer than a few hours (a day tops) to get your answer. And if you’re a total newbie, the search bar will be your friend and an entry point into a treasure trove of info.

Another friend is the filter, which you can use to sort the topics by most recent replies, # of views, message reaction score, etc. Quite useful if you’re just browsing (or shall we say, cruising).

If you’re looking for a general forum to discuss any topic related to motorcycles, this is a great place to start.

2. For Oldschool Bikers: Bike Chat Forums

bike chat forums

If you feel a whiff of nostalgia when you land on this forum, it’s because it looks as if we were back in 1999.

But before you scoff, let me tell you why it’s a GOOD thing.

First of all, this forum’s interface is very clean and it’s easy to find your way through all the topics (and there are many).

The forum covers a wide range of topics ranging from general bike chat to racing and off-roading.

I have to admit, the sheer range of topics in this forum is impressive. This is also a great forum to hang out as you can discuss off-topic subjects like the latest news and world affairs as well. Overall, a vibrant place to catch up with all the latest news from the world of motorcycling.

What I especially admire is the fact that there are lots of new users coming in all the time. And it’s not just one-timers! Some of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met have joined quite recently.

If there’s a bike forum whose future I can put my money on, it’s probably Bike Chat.

3. Meet the Veterans: Total Motorcycle Community Forums

tmw forums

Say hello to a veteran forum that’s been around for 22 years!

The total number of members or topics isn’t anywhere near the above forums, but I’ve seen some real gems of stories and information that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

Like this experience of riding a UMZ-URAL beast that I can’t stop dreaming about ever since I first saw it.

The forum also has an active presence on all major social media platforms.

The sub-forums include motorcycle blogs, model reviews, repair and maintenance, and a wide variety of other topics. In addition, there’s also a lady’s lounge and a racer’s section.

And let me tell you one thing: the fact that this forum isn’t very active doesn’t have to be a downside.

Just a handful of people being online at any given moment means more chance to have meaningful conversations and build relationships that go well beyond any forum.

4. For Planning a Roadtrip: Adventure Bike Rider

adventure bike rider forum

From the looks of it, you wouldn’t be able to conclude that this forum has anything to do with adventure.

But looks aren’t everything.

If you love heading out and always looking for the next exciting trip, this is a great forum to get new ideas. The total number of members is 18049 and the forums have 683597 posts for you to browse. It is also a very active forum with plenty of experienced members to offer suggestions.

There are sub-forums where you can hang out, share ride reports, or discuss motorcycle gear. What’s more, it also lists out biker-friendly accommodations and GPS routes from around the world, from the Dolomites to Portugal and Scotland, to freaking Himalayas.

While the forum is focused mainly on the UK and Europe, there is plenty of rich content and informative discussions that you will surely find helpful.

5. The Name Says It All:

sportbikes forum

Sport bikers, rejoice.

With an interface nearly identical to, this message board has a similar number of users and around 3.5 million posts.

Apart from a general discussion of sports bikes, it also has a sub-forum about motorcycle performance and customization. You will find some great technical insights from veterans in those posts.

The forum also has specific sections to cover sports bikes from the top brands. There’s also a classified section if you are interested in buying gear or parts.

6. Super Active (and Fun): Adventure Rider

adventure rider forum

I won’t exaggerate if I say that this one is INSANELY active. Not even some of the biker subreddits can match it!

It’s incredibly fun too  – a perfect forum to meet bikers from around the world and learn about their experiences. 

Need to do some route planning for your next trip? Browse through the gazillions of travel reports. Crave some weird and wacky topics that nobody else has thought of? This forum’s got you covered, with diverse topics like “Guitars on Motorcycles”. Or obscure flea market catches for bikers

Besides, you will get a lot of technical subjects to chew on, as well as some fun sections. The total number of members stands at 407268. The number of threads you will find is 1064514.

Make sure to also check the forum’s parenting site, which is actually a very active blog with amazing articles.

7. For HD Buffs: Harley Davidson Forums

hd forums

I’m sure you won’t be surprised if I tell you that this is another super active place. 

As the name indicates, this is a forum for Harley Davidson owners. Most of the users are US-based, but Harley knows no geographical (or any other) boundaries, and neither does a Harley-themed forum.

The technical sections have a wide range of content dealing with the nitty-gritty of various Harley models. There are also specific sections for different models. Also, it has region-specific forums to discuss events and road conditions.

Now, if you’re not a Harley fan or owner, you’ll likely find this forum downright boring, and next to useless.

But if you are, it definitely deserves a place of honor in your heart. Or at least the bookmarks bar.

8. More Specialty: BMW MOA 

bmw forum

This is one of the best BMW motorcycle message boards that allows the community of BMW owners to discuss anything and everything about their machines. It has 30100 members and 1219010 posts. You get technical information and express your general love for the outdoors as well.

The form has sub-forums related to specific regions. If you’re looking for technical suggestions or tips to improve performance, this is a great forum to seek advice. Also, there are discussions related to trikes and vintage models.

9. Gimme Some Buzz: Motorcycles Subreddit

reddit motorcycles

Get me a biker forum with more than million members and the minimum of a few hundred being online at ANY given moment and I’ll buy you a new bike.

Seriously, these numbers are staggering, but there’s a bad side to it too.

Many threads are superficial with tons of what you can rightfully consider sh*tposting. Memes, wheelie videos, you get it. Great if you’re after some entertainment, less great if you’re seeking help.

It can be a bit tricky to find your way around until you get the hang of it. And getting the hang of it isn’t easy either thanks to the sheer size of the Forum of All Forums.

So to get the most of this forum, you need to change the default view that makes it super difficult to navigate. When you register, it will be set to “card.” What you need is either “classic” or “compact” view.

motorcycle message boards - subreddit

There’s also a filter to sort the threads according to how hot or new or top they are (with the latter giving you additional options, even all-time).

A great thing that makes Reddit THE forum to be is that you’re not limited to a single subreddit. On the contrary – I’ve found tons of useful biker info outside this particular subreddit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why join a motorcycle riding forum?

These forums are not only great, but often the only places to connect with a bunch of other people sharing the same enthusiasm about motorcycles. You can also learn about various issues from veteran bikers who share their experience and views.

Which is the best motorcycle forum for general discussion?

All motorbike forums have a sub-forum to discuss general topics that aren’t super specific or just can’t be squeezed into any given set of topics. You can visit Motorcycle Forum and check out the ”General Motorcycle Discussion” forum.

What are the best Honda motorcycle message boards?

Most bike forums out there will have sub-forums related to Honda motorcycles or any other brand for that matter. Beyond that, you can check out