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11 Best Ape Hangers – Reach for the Sky in 2024

Ape hangers alter the look and feel of your motorcycle. Finding the right bars is trickier than you think. To find the simple yet perfect fit for your bike, reach for the sky with the best 11 ape hanger handlebars.

When it comes to the best ape hangers, one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we’ve spent days sifting through the chaotic market for chopper lovers. If you want to cut straight to the chase, our Best Overall title goes to the 16” Burly Gorilla. To find out why or discover more options, read on!

Burly Brand 16in Gorilla Ape Hangers Handlebars - One Size
Best overall
Burly Gorilla Ape Hangers
  • Burly Brand may be the new kids on the block, but they’ve gained a reputation for good quality, well-made gear, and the Burly Gorilla ape hangers tick all the boxes.
Wild 1 1-1/4' Chrome 12' Outlaw Ape Hanger Handlebar WO612
Best Premium Pick
Wild 1 Outlaw’z Chubby
  • A well-designed handlebar that comes in three sizes and offers the right combination of style and comfort.
Emgo 1in. Street Ape Hanger 12in. Rise Handlebar - Chrome, Color: Chrome, Handle Bar Size: 1in.
Budget Option
Emgo Street Ape Hanger
  • An affordable handlebar that hits the right notes on quality without cutting corners.

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What’s the Big Deal with Ape Hangers Anyway?

A new exhaust may make your bike sound better and a new seat alters the comfort level. Yet, nothing makes your bike look and feel as different as a set of ape hangers. Apart from offering varying degrees of comfort, there is something liberating about riding with your armpits in the wind.

Of course, ape hangers aren’t without their downsides. Unless you have a decent sissy bar, your pillion may find themselves with even less space. Depending on their height and the weather conditions, you may also find yourself acting as a sail.

Fitting ape hangers on baggers is common practice. Better still, with a windshield or fairing to take the brunt of the windblast, they may be more practical than you realize. Love ‘em or hate ‘em though, you sure can’t ignore them.

Best Ape Hangers in 2024 – Top 3 Editorial Picks

Best Overall – Burly Gorilla Ape Hangers

Best Overall

Burly Brand 16in Gorilla Ape Hangers Handlebars - One Size

Burly Gorilla Ape Hangers

Burly Brand may be the new kids on the block, but they’ve gained a reputation for good quality, well-made gear, and the Burly Gorilla ape hangers tick all the boxes.

As the name suggests, these Burly Brand 16-ins Gorilla Ape Hanger handlebars have a 16-ins rise and a 10-ins pullback. From tip to tip, they are almost 40-ins wide, so you’re not going to get that hunched shoulder feel.

The tube diameter is 1.25-ins reducing down to a 1-ins clamp diameter. These specs are a stock clamp size for Harley Davidson, some Triumphs and Japanese cruisers, and custom bike applications.

At the control end, the bars have been swaged (squeezed in a mandril to the correct diameter). This process makes it easier to rotate handlebar controls and hydraulic reservoirs, to get the exact positioning you need.

The Burly Gorillas also come with dimples and holes. The dimples allow for your external wiring harness to sit in the recess, so the controls bolt flush to the bar. Alternatively, if you want to run internal wiring, the Burly’s have you covered with pre-drilled holes.

The American-made high quality ape hangers come in chrome or powder coat black and according to Burly are ideal for Harley Davidson Road Kings and Softails.

Best Premium Option – Wild 1 Outlaw’z Chubby 1 1/4″ Ape Hanger Handlebars

Best Premium Option

Wild 1 1-1/4' Chrome 12' Outlaw Ape Hanger Handlebar WO612

Wild 1 Outlaw’z Chubby 1 1/4″ Ape Hanger Handlebars

A well-designed handlebar that comes in three sizes and offers the right combination of style and comfort.

If you don’t mind spending big bucks for premium quality, these heavy-duty ape hangers offer a solid combination of style and durability. No wonder they are loved by a whole range of happy riders who prefer oversized bars.

These bars are available in three different sizes with an 8-inch pullback. They have a 1-inch diameter at the riser clamps. The overall width varies between 33 to 33-1/2 inches. You can choose between chrome and a blackout finish.

The excellent finish with the smooth bends and precise angle ensures great looks and top-notch ergonomics. All the welds are polished to perfection with a diamond knurling at the center.

In addition, they are notched for Fly-by-Wire, and running the wires internally isn’t too difficult. 

Honestly, finding the right handlebars that offer the right amount of comfort as well as control isn’t easy. However, Wild1 seems to have hit the nail on the head with the Chubby. 

Overall, a great choice for a Sportster, Road king, or a Nightster.

Best Budget Option – Emgo Street Ape Hanger

Best Budget Option

Emgo 1in. Street Ape Hanger 12in. Rise Handlebar - Chrome, Color: Chrome, Handle Bar Size: 1in.

Emgo Street Ape Hanger

An affordable handlebar that hits the right notes on quality without cutting corners.

Monkeying around with cheap handlebars that don’t offer the right quality is not something I prefer doing. However, this product from Emgo is designed to offer relaxed cruising at an affordable price.

These 12-inch handlebars are made from high-quality carbon steel and come with a chrome finish. The central width is 5.5 inches and the outback stands at 7.5 inches.

With an outside diameter of 1”, they should fit the entire Harley Davidson range. However, some buyers faced issues with fixing these on a V Star.

Fact is, the 12-inch height may not be ideal for all riders. However, tall riders have found these bars comfortable enough for long rides.

Most users mentioned that they are easy to install. On the downside, they don’t come with drilled holes. But at this price point, that’s acceptable.

Overall, if you’re on a budget, this handlebar from Emgo is an easy choice.

Need More? 8 Additional Motorcycle Handlebars

AIRCMT Batwing Ape Hangers

Gloss Black 14 Inch Rise 1-1/4'' Batwing Ape Hangers Handlebar Compatible With Harley Softail FLST FXST Sportster XL 883 1200 Touring Road Glide+Road King

AIRCMT Batwing Ape Hangers

A well-designed handle bar that looks great and offers just the right balance of comfort and control.

Designing ape hangers with the right combination of height and width isn’t easy. AIRCMT has done a good job in designing the batwing handlebars with a 14-inch height and an overall width of 35.5 inches

The end result is the right amount of mechanical leverage that allows you to have the proper amount of control. Add to that the shiny black coating that adds the perfect amount of sheen to make these look great.

Besides, the overall ergonomics isn’t too bad either. For the average rider, your hands will remain just above shoulder level, which is comfortable enough.

The material used is high-strength iron with a powder-coated surface for weather resistance. There are pre-drilled holes for running the wires.

AIRCMT has also provided a complete fitment chart to prevent any confusion. We wish all manufacturers would do the same.

At this price, the handlebars offer excellent value. If you like the design, go for them.

WeiSen Ape Monkey Bar Handlebar

WeiSen Chrome 14' Ape Monkey Bar Handlebar 1-1/4' Handle Bars Compatible with Harley Dyna Softail Sportster XL 883 1200 & Touring Road Glide Road King Models

WeiSen Ape Monkey Bar Handlebar

These bars are superbly crafted and offer the right combination of price and performance.

If you are looking for some cool-looking bars that are also sturdy, this is a great pick. Made from premium-grade materials, these chunky bars offer the right amount of ride comfort.

What makes these bars stand out is the high quality of material used. Firstly, the pipes are seamless, which makes them more durable than welded pipes. Next, they come with a triple-layered rust-proof coating and an excellent mirror finish.

Note, while the mirror finish looks great, you need to be extra careful while mounting them.

Coming to the dimensions, the bar diameter is 1-¼ inches and the grip area has a diameter of 1-inch. The center width is 10-½- inches and the pullback stands at 8 inches. While the bars are pre-drilled, fixing the internal wiring can take some time.

However, they won’t fit some models like the Harley Electra Glide and the Street Glide. So, check the fitment chart before buying.

LA Choppers Bagger Bars

LA Choppers Bagger Bars

Custom bars that retain stock cables, sounds like an easy win-win.

Available in six heights, these 8-ins LA Choppers, Twin Peaks Bagger Bars will, according to product reviews, fit with the stock wiring and control cables. The vertical bends in the bars mean they’re specifically designed for Harley Davidson’s with batwing fairings.

The bars will fit Harley Davidson Electra Glides, Ultra Classic, Street Glide, etc., but as always, check the fitment chart for specific years. LA Choppers say they made the bars with comfort in mind and with an 8-ins rise, 33.5-ins width, and 5.25-ins pull-back, it appears they’ve got that just about right.

The reduction to 1-ins at the control end of the bars is tapered and drilled for internal wiring, the bars also come with some well thought out features too. Harley Davidson baggers with hydraulic clutches and electronic throttles are accommodated and unlike some bars, the Twin Peaks can also take the H-D OEM heated grips.

STREETTANK Durable Handlebars

Durable 1.5Inch Handlebars for Harley Davidson Dyna, Softail, Sportster, Touring(14' Black)

STREETTANK Durable Handlebars

Specially designed for Harleys, these sturdy handlebars ensure that your hands hang in the right place.

If you’re looking for handlebars specially designed for Harleys, these bars are worth checking out.

What makes these handlebars from StreetTank unique is the fact that they are available in the most-popular height ranges. As a result, it’s easier to choose the right rider-and-bike combination. For most users the overall comfort offered by these bars was great.

Beautifully crafted from 1.5-inch tubes, they offer a great combination of style and durability. Made from premium grade steel they feel sturdy and come in chrome and black finishes. The overall width stands at 36 inches.

The tubes are TIG welded and the surface is specially treated to remove any blemishes. The flawless surface finish ensures a premium look. Besides, the surface isn’t prone to scratches.

Note, they come with a pre-installed copper wire on the inside to make running the wires through the tubes easier.

Most users liked the aggressive looks of these bars. If you want to make a statement with your Harley, they are a great choice.

Dominator Industries Pre-Wired Monkey Bars

Dominator Industries 1 1/4' PRE-WIRED 14' Meathook Bar Ape Hangers Handlebars Compatible With 2014-2023 Harley-Davidson Bagger Electra & Street Glide Special Ultra Limited & Low (Chrome)

Dominator Industries Meathook Monkey Bars

Pre-wired handlebars take a lot of the stress out of bar hopping.

The good thing about being specific in the year, make, and model of these Dominator Industries Meathook Monkey Bars means that they’ve been made to fit. In theory, you’re paying for plug and play.

Arriving pre-wired means that not only are the bars super clean but also come with block connectors making life a lot easier. The throttle side is also notched for throttle by wire compatibility. According to Dominator, OEM stock hydraulic lines may be used with their 14-ins Meathooks.

Looking at the bars, you will notice that although 1.25-ins in diameter, they are not reduced for the clamps. That’s because the Harley Davidson Road King Special comes with OEM 1.25-ins handlebar clamps, hence the specific information on model and year. Yes, they may be used on other custom Harley models, but you will need 1.25-ins aftermarket clamps.

Hill Country Custom Cycles Chrome Narrow Bar – Complete Kit

Hill Country Customs 1 1/4' Chrome Narrow 16' Ape Hanger Handlebar Kit 1996-2006 Harley Road Glide, Road King models with Cruise Control - BSC-11416N-RGK06-C

Hill Country Customs Chrome Narrow Bar

If you’re after a complete swap over kit with everything you need, then these are the best ape hangers for you.

Although the Hill Country Customs Chrome Narrow Bar is for specific touring Harley Davidsons, the Road Glide and Road King are both popular models, so HCC is going to have a lot of happy customers on their hands. As for offering a comprehensive kit, the quality ape hangers come with everything you need for a total bar swap, except for brake fluid.

One of the biggest plus points for buying complete new handlebars is the fact that the brake and clutch cables are supplied to the exact length and specification. All the quality fittings are chrome and the braided stainless steel outers are covered in transparent armor-coat to keep them looking sharp.

The wiring harness extensions are color-coded to match the factory harness. What’s more, the factory is happy to take inquiries to ensure you get the exact fit. Handlebars are 16-ins high x 34-ins wide with a 7.5-ins pullback.

Green-L 1.25-ins Adjustable Ape Hangers

Green-L 1-1/4' Black Iron 17' Rise Ape Bar Handlebars Fit For Harley Electra Glide FLHT 1982-2023

Green-L 1.25-ins Adjustable Ape Hangers

A decent, customizable product that’s an excellent fit for Harleys.

If you’ve ever fitted a set of handlebars and found the height and width perfect, but the pullback leaving your wrists at a painful angle, then the Green. L Adjustable Ape Hangers are an easy choice.

Thanks to the knurled fittings, it’s possible to move the top half of the handlebars to the correct position, then bolt them in place before inserting the protective cover. This design provides a custom fit for the rider. Better yet, if you ride a custom Harley Davidson Road King or Electra Glide, you won’t have to worry about the bars snagging the screen or fairing. Just check the fitting information for applicable years.

The bars are available in a scratch-resistant black finish, are drilled for internal wiring, and have an 8-ins rise. Outside diameter is 1.25-ins reducing to 1-ins, so it will fit the entire Harley Davidson range with standard risers, some Japanese and European cruisers, and custom applications.

Mototeks 1½-ins Monster Bars


Mototeks, Inc. Monster Bars

The Mototek Inc bars aren’t just fat, they’re monsters, and with a 1½-ins diameter, maybe the biggest bars on the street.

Due to the Mototeks, Inc. Monster Bars 90 degree bends and the reduction from 1½ to 1-ins, it’s not easy to manufacture the bars as one piece. In which case, the right angles are welded. Having said that, the joins are undetectable and with the meaty tube, the joint should be strong.

The Monster Bars are offered in two finishes, black and chrome. Some product reviews do suggest though, that the black is easily scratched. The chrome option is triple-plated so it will be harder wearing, but it all comes down to how careful you are during installation.

Available in three heights of 12, 14, and 18 inches, the ape hangers are 23-ins wide with a 6-ins pull-back. They are drilled for internal wiring and the throttle side is notched for throttle by wire applications. Looking at the fitment chart, the Monsters will fit Harley Davidson Road King and Road Glide baggers, as well as Sportsters, Softails, and Dyna. But there are exceptions in certain years, so check out the chart to be sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ape hangers safe?

Yes: If the bars are well constructed, properly clamped, and the control cables and wiring are of the correct size. If you’ve never ridden with high apes before, they will take a little getting used to as you have a lot more mechanical advantage thanks to the extra height/width. Maneuvering your bike will therefore take less effort.

Are ape hangers comfortable?

Yes and no: The degree of comfort will depend entirely on your rider triangle. In other words, the relationship between the seat, footrests, and handlebars. There is one other thing that applies to ape hangers a.k.a. chopper handlebars more than any other type of handlebars, and that is, the way they make your bike look and feel. I had 18-ins high apes on my custom Harley Davidson Fatboy and a long ride into a headwind left me feeling like I’d had a pillow fight with Mike Tyson. But man, they looked cool.

Yellow motorcycle with ape hangers

Are ape hangers legal?

Again, yes and No. Legality depends on the height of the bars and your location. Some states dictate the maximum height of the bars either in relation to the seat or even the rider’s shoulder height. Always check with relevant state traffic laws as these can vary. In Ohio for instance, bars must not be higher than 15 inches above the seat, while in Nebraska, the maximum is 15 inches above the handlebar clamp.

What do I need to consider when buying ape hangers?

Depending on the height of the bars and the bike you’re fitting them to, you will need a longer throttle, clutch, and brake cables. You may also have to extend the wiring from your controls. Some of the lower ape hangers in our feature need nothing extra. However, you could always buy the whole lot as a pre-assembled kit and save yourself a lot of time and effort. Last but not least, make sure you can reach them and operate your bike safely and in comfort.

Are ape hangers just for custom Harley Davidson motorcycles?

No. You can use ape hangers on any bike you like as long as your handlebar clamps are a compatible size. The reason they are most commonly associated with Harley Davidson is that along with the exhaust, handlebars are the first thing that new owners change.

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