Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Stay Warm and Safe with Our Top 10 Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Let your hands get too cold when riding your motorcycle, and you run the risk of being unable to use the brake and clutch controls safely. Heated motorcycle gloves provide the perfect solution.

Read on to discover why the overall winner in our Top Ten Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves is the Saviour Heat Rechargeable Motorcycle Gloves.

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Best Overall – Savior Heat Rechargeable Motorcycle Gloves

Best Overall

Saviour Heat Rechargeable Gloves

Well-made, waterproof, and warm. The Saviours are a great combination of performance and price point. Better yet, they will ensure you have warm hands as you ride through the coldest weather.

The Saviour Heat Rechargeable Gloves have three heat settings. Level one uses 33-percent of the battery power and will last up to 5-hours. Level two kicks up to 66-percent capacity and is good for up to 4-hours. Full power level three will cover you for approximately 2.5-hours of toasty hands.

The glove’s heating element zig-zags around the back of the hand before following the finger’s contours to provide good overall coverage. There is an elasticated wrist on one side and a tightening strap on the other to keep in the warmth.

The Saviour motorcycle gloves feature elongated cuffs with an elasticated drawstring keeping the draughts out and ensuring a good overlap with the sleeves.

Abrasion resistance is provided along the rear of the fingertips. The padded palm is slip-resistant,  and the right-hand forefinger also features a touch screen friendly pad.

Powered by two lithium polymer batteries (supplied), the gloves are chargeable using the  USB cable and charger (supplied), which also doubles as a phone charger.

The outer shell of the gloves is a water-resistant fabric. The unisex design ranges from XS-3XL and carries a one year warranty.

Best Premium Choice – Smilodon SMG03 Heated Gloves

Best Premium Choice

Smilodon Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Premium grade safety wear with three heat setting and long-lasting battery life.

If you thought a Smilodon is an incredibly friendly dinosaur, you couldn’t be more wrong. But if you guessed they were a pair of feature-laden heated motorcycle gloves that would be at the top of your list if money was no object, you’d be 100-percent right.

The Smilodon Heated Motorcycle Gloves are premium grade safety wear that would be up to winter rigors even without their heat feature. They have three heat settings, plus their maximum battery life of up to 7-hours is the icing on the cake.

The outer shell is a mix of Polyester and lambskin leather. This combination not only gives excellent hand flexibility but also offers waterproofing to level IPX5. This level is good enough to cope with daily soakings.

The impact, abrasion, and safety features of these heated motorcycle gloves are outstanding. On the back, carbon fiber knuckle protectors are joined by a reinforced wrist pad. The index finger features a sewn-in wiper blade to quickly clear the visor and padding to the little finger’s outer edge.

Several stress areas are padded and reinforced with double stitching on the palm, and the lithium polymer battery lives in a compartment inside the deep cuff of the glove.

Fitted with three heat settings, the lowest will last for approximately 7-hours. On maximum power, you’ll enjoy toasty warm hands for over 3-hours. The SMG03 would have been hands down our overall winner had it not been for their price point of double that of the Saviour motorcycle gloves.

Sizes cover S-2XL, and although not stated as unisex, male and female riders would be able to enjoy their safety and warmth.

Best Budget Option – Heat Warmer Rechargeable Battery Operated Gloves

The Heat Warmer Rechargeable Gloves made using treated Spandex fabric, are light and extremely flexible. The inner liner is water-resistant but also breathable and quick-drying.

With a specifically patterned leather, non-slip palm, keeping control of your motorcycle will not present a problem. With three heat settings to offer, these heated gloves should also keep your hands in good shape in all but the worst winter weather.

The battery-operated Heat Warmers come with 2 x 3.7v Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. The lowest setting is good for around 6-hours while the max setting provides up to 3.5-hours. You can charge both batteries simultaneously, and an indicator light lets you know when they are fully charged.

Charging time should take around 6-hours, and an automatic cut-out stops the process when the batteries are ready to rock. What’s more, the fingers are touchscreen friendly.

The gloves are unisex with one size (OS)  fitting all. For anyone riding in cold weather, rather than freezing conditions, they represent a great bang for your buck. Being one size fits all (OSFA), you can find the measurements in the specifications, so be sure to measure your hands first.

Best Quality Gloves – Gerbing 12v Heated Glove Liner

Best Quality Gloves

Gerbing Heated Inner Gloves

If you already have a favorite pair of cold-weather gloves but are looking for the added comfort of heat on demand, these inner gloves is the perfect choice.

The Gerbing Heated Inner Gloves offer an alternative to those riders who already have a favorite pair of waterproof riding gloves.  These heated gloves are explicitly designed to be worn inside your own gloves and do away with the expense of buying a pair of heated outer gloves.

Gerbing, who also manufactures under the name Gyde, makes an entire range of heated clothing.  It’s possible to connect the inner gloves to a Gyde jacket, but they can also be worn alone. They do, however, require a wiring lead to be connected to the bike’s battery.

This feature has both pluses and negatives. Here, the rider is physically attached to the motorcycle by a wire. The positive side of this is that the gloves make use of the bike’s battery output. They provide the added comfort and safety of warm hands for as long as desired. Better yet, there’s no worry that the glove’s battery power will run out.

As with other Gerbing products, the gloves use a matrix of stainless steel fibers covered with a lifetime warranty on the heating elements. These heated motorcycle gloves, classed as unisex, run from sizes XXS-XXL. The battery harness and heat controller are available for purchase separately.

Best Rechargeable Option – Venture Heat Motorcycle Gloves with Built-In Controller

Best Rechargeable Option

Venture Heat Motorcycle Gloves

These American-made gloves have great specs and build quality. Their dual compatibility also has useful options for keeping the hands warm.

The build quality on these Venture Heat Motorcycle Gloves is second to none. The shell of the glove has five layers. This design means they have three water and windproof layers before you even get to the heating element.

On the back of the glove, a combination of premium leather is matched with high-performance nylon. The ribbed fingers provide added flexibility, and there are several gel-filled reinforced contact pads on the knuckles and back of the wrist. There is an adjustable support strap,  and the bottom of the cuff gets an adjustable drawstring to keep everything in place.

The gloves’ palm is equally well featured, too, with anti-slip patches and reinforced contact areas. The forefinger and thumb are also touchscreen friendly.

When it comes to providing warmth, these heated motorcycle gloves use an alloy fiber heating element covering the back of the hand. Like all of the other high spec gloves, the heating element follows the finger’s contours, ensuring warm fingertips and joints.

Three heat settings are accessible from the button located on the back of the wrist, and unlike other plug-in heated gloves, the Venture’s include the necessary harness kit. Although manufacturing a range of heated clothing to connect to, these gloves also connect to other brands of heated jackets and trousers.

As mentioned earlier, these heated gloves are doubly blessed with two ways of keeping the hands warm. First off,  the provided wiring harness can connect directly to the motorcycle battery. Alternatively, rechargeable batteries and charging hardware are available as an optional extra. Both features offer the best of both worlds.

The gloves are advertised as unisex and run from XS-2XL.

Best Unisex Gloves – Kemimoto Unisex Heated Motorcycle Gloves

The Kemimoto Heated Motorcycle Gloves are a mid-price option with a premium feel and look. The gloves are advertised for men and women but don’t appear to come in size small, only M-XXL. The sizing chart gives four measurement points on the hand, so you should find the correct size and fit.

The outer shell featuring LIMDRY technology keeps water and wind at bay and together, with a wrist loop and cuff fastener, should keep the cold out and the warmth in.

An excellent safety feature of these heated gloves, and one that adds to their quality look, is the subtle knuckle protector that extends to the back of the hand. Just beyond the knuckle protector, you will also find the circular operating button that offers three heat options.

The two rechargeable batteries provide around 3-hours on the hottest setting, and this time doubles to approximately 6-hours on the lowest setting. The heating element covers the back of the hand and perimeter of the fingers. Padded impact points appear on the glove’s front and back,  and the thumb and forefinger are smart device friendly.

Milwaukee Leather MG7513SET Men’s Black ‘Heated’ Gauntlet

Milwaukee Leather Heated Gauntlet

These heavy-duty heated gloves look like they’d be warm enough even without the advanced built-in heating system. These motorcycle gloves are big enough to take the knocks.

Made from premium aniline cowhide, the Milwaukee Leather Heated Gauntlet, thanks to their Hipora membrane,  are both windproof and waterproof.

Three color-coded heat settings cover wearers for most cold weather conditions. Its most economical setting will give around 7-hours of service. The operating button is simple to use and located on the back of the gauntlet cuff.

The gloves have a rechargeable power source and for heated gloves, they’ve got some cool features. The reflective strip on the back is not too over the top, and there’s an in-built finger wiper blade. There’s also a touch screen finger pad, and the gloves come with a cable to connect directly to the Milwaukee Leather Heated Jacket. This final feature also lets you wire the gloves to the bike battery. Sizes run from XS-5XL.

Vellazzio Heated Gloves

The Vellazio Thermo 1 Battery Heated Gloves are a reasonably priced addition to any winter riding kit. Three heat settings are available. These are governed by a smart switching control that preheats the gloves at full power for 5-minutes before auto-switching back to medium heat.

You should see around 2.5-hours of use at full power, while medium offers approximately 4- hours, and low will double that to around 8-hours. The outer shell is water-repellent, and the Fantex 3M inner fleece is both water-repellent and breathable. The latter feature allows moisture to wick away from your hands while still keeping water out.

As for features, the Vellazio heated gloves appear to have everything covered. The tip of each finger is touchscreen-friendly, adjustable wrist loops keep warmth in, and the heat controls are easily accessible on the back of each glove.

The palm is a non-slip PU material, which is good news for throttle control. A second drawstring on the deep cuff allows for a snug connection over the sleeve. Classed as unisex, the Thermal 1’s run from sizes S-XL.

Gerbing Gyde Hero Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Gerbing Hero Heated Motorcycle Gloves

These well constructed heated gloves are a class act with excellent heat coverage over each finger and thumb. These are the gloves for riders who love to spend long winter days in the saddle.

The Gerbing Hero Heated Motorcycle Gloves are by Gerbing, a globally acknowledged specialist in heated Powersports clothing. The gloves feature a patented stainless steel microwire filament that runs around the back of the hand and palm.

The heated leather gloves have excellent safety features such as TPU knuckle protectors and plenty of padded impact areas on the palm and fingers. The cuff is elasticated and fitted with a velcro wrap type fastener to create a snug fit.

Unlike other gloves, the Gyde Hero has heat filaments running over the front and back of each finger and thumb. These filaments provide an excellent spread of warmth to keep fingers in top operating condition.

This feature makes them a must when warm hands are essential. Unlike some of our other Top Ten picks, the Gyde Hero does not have their own rechargeable power source. Instead, they either plug into the heated Gerbing jacket or connect via a cable to your bike’s battery.

Although not as convenient as gloves with an independent power source, the Gyde Heros will stay warm for as long as you’re in the saddle. You have to buy a separate wiring harness, and the temperature controller/on-off switch is available to purchase separately. Men’s and women’s sizing is available.

Day Wolf Rechargeable Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Day Wolf Rechargeable Heated Gloves

Good quality, heavy-duty gloves with plenty of built-in features. The combination of leather and textile finishes makes these motorcycle gloves comfortable to wear and offers good protection.

The Day Wolf Rechargeable Heated Gloves is a pair of chunky well-padded gloves that appear capable of protecting the hands even without the heating elements.

The design and use of different materials give great flexibility on the fingers while still offering excellent abrasion and impact resistance. On the back of the gloves, you will find several padded areas. These cover wrist and finger joints while a contoured carbon fiber shell protects the rider’s knuckles. The three-level temperature control is on the back of the deep cuff.

On the opposite side, you will find a leather non-slip palm and fingers with heavy duty padded leather inserts on the glove’s inner and outer edge. There is further padding on the heel of the palm.

Two lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries will give around 6-hours of warmth at the lowest setting and approximately 3-hours on high. The heated element covers the back of the hand but, most importantly, loop around the outside of both fingers and thumbs. The result of this design is a great spread of warmth right where you need it most.

The Day Wolf’s are water and windproof. The inner liner is breathable, and the thumb and index finger are touchscreen-friendly. The gloves are suitable for men and women and are available in sizes XS – XXXL.

What To Consider When Buying Heated Motorcycle Gloves

man wearing leather motorcycle gloves while riding

Riding in cold and wet conditions can be a miserable affair at best. In the worst-case scenario, these conditions can become dangerous. Slowly but surely, cold hands can become less and less effective for safely riding a motorcycle.

Over prolonged distances, vibration transmitted through the handlebars can also create numbness in the fingers. The answer to combatting both conditions is to keep the hands warm by wearing heated motorcycle gloves.

Whether generated through an independent power source or wired into a motorcycle battery, the heat will keep hands warm, and the blood supply circulating freely. These elements are critical to staying safe on cold, wet rides.

Whether buying any of these types of heated motorcycle gloves, make sure the ones you choose offer plenty of built-in safety features. The construction should also be sufficiently robust to be warm and dry, even without the addition of heat.

Last but not least, if your choice of gloves is battery powered, check out how long they’ll last on a full charge. Similarly, for plug-in gloves, check to see if the heat controller and wiring harness come as standard. If not, remember to factor the price into your overall budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are better, heated gloves with their own battery or the type that uses a bike’s battery?

Rechargeable batteries mean the power source is in the gloves. This option allows the rider to use them both on and off the motorcycle. They do, though, have a limited operating time before they need recharging.

Heated gloves that plug into the motorcycle will last as long as you care to ride. The rider is tethered to the motorcycle by a wiring harness and will need to unplug themselves before getting off their bike.

man riding motorcycle on winter

Which are the best heated motorcycle gloves?

The best-heated motorcycle gloves are the ones that fit correctly and have a heater element to keep the back of the hand and all five fingers warm to the tips.

They should also have extra reinforced padding on the contact points (i.e., the areas that would make contact with the ground first in the event of an accident) and a waterproof outer shell.

Can I get an electric shock from my heated motorcycle gloves?

Under normal circumstances, no. The occurrences of this happening are extremely rare. For this to happen,  the gloves would need to be badly damaged and the heating element exposed to water.