Couple on a motorcycle date at the beach

What to Wear on a Motorcycle Date? (8 Tips for First-Timers!)

Note from Jay: I see a lot of people (mostly cis women, I believe) in forums asking “What should I wear on a motorcycle date?” . It’s totally understandable if you don’t ride and haven’t dated a motorcyclist before. Rather than fumble my way through it, I asked my girlfriend, Sylvia, to share her experiences from our early dating days!

I really wish I knew what to wear on a motorcycle date when Jay knocked on my door! 

It was only our third or fourth date! Back then, I had zero motorcycle experience and, eager to impress my new boyfriend, I was way more focused on looking attractive than anything else. 

When I opened the door, the gobsmacked look on his face suggested I was either 

a) unattractive, or

b) dressed very inappropriately! 

Turns out that option B was right!

While nowadays I can see how off the mark my clothes were, I really wished he had explained to me what to wear on a motorcycle date, apart from telling me not to wear a dress! 

So, what went wrong?

Woman in white dress putting on red lipstick using a mirror
What NOT to wear on a motorcycle date! Tight dress: no. White: no. Sleeveless: no. Mascara: no. Ponytail: no.

I was wearing jeans and that’s the only thing I got right!

It was summer and I was wearing open-toe sandals and a sleeveless shirt. It was getting late and we were not going that far, so sunglasses did not cross my mind at all. Even though I had my long hair tied up in a ponytail, little did I know that hair gets everywhere! Gloves in summer? I had no idea where my gloves were and mine were just wool ones! 

From my what-went-wrong list, you can probably already guess what you should wear on a motorcycle date! You can also guess that you must dress up for safety – looking attractive is way down the list!

8 Tips for What to Wear on a Motorcycle Date

1. Pants

Leather pants are the quintessential motorcycle choice for serious riders. Assuming you don’t own them, a pair of jeans is your next best option! (Note: if it’s getting serious and you’ll be on a motorcycle regularly, there are some awesome women’s motorcycle pants available that look great while offering protection from the elements!)

2. Shoes

You will need enclosed flat shoes or boots. Again, assuming you don’t have women’s motorcycle boots, leather boots and leather sneakers are your next best option. Open sandals and heels are a no-no on a bike! Most enclosed shoes require socks and it is best to make sure they fully cover your ankle. 

3. Gloves

Best Motorcycle Gloves for Women Riders
Gloves are a must… even in summer!

That was a tricky one for me! I don’t wear gloves in summer and I like wool gloves for winter. But you really should have leather gloves for motorcycle riding! The good news is that there are good motorcycle gloves for women and, with a bit of notice, you could buy them! In my case, when Jay turned up and I had no gloves on, I remember I had fingerless mountain bike gloves. That’s what I ended up using, but far from ideal! 

4. Sunglasses

The amount of tiny things that can get into your eyes during a ride (even wearing a helmet with eye-protection) is ridiculous. Glasses or sunglasses are a must! 

Speaking of eyes, I highly recommend you don’t wear mascara – it won’t stay on your lashes! OK, that’s not so much a safety tip, but it’s a date after all!

5. Bandana 

I had always thought that riders were bandanas as a fashion statement! Why not? They look cool and go well with the rest of the gear! But turns out they actually have a purpose! They help to keep your hair under control, especially the annoying bits of hair near your forehead that go all over your eyes and face. 

6. Hair

Since we are talking about bandanas and how they keep your hair in place, for people with long hair (which is my case) plaits and braids are the way to go. Loose hair is a big no and ponytails are not effective in stopping your hair from going everywhere. Also, invest some exceptionally tight hair bands! 

7. Jacket

Leather jackets are the way to go! Serious motorbike riders will wear them in summer and winter! If you don’t own a leather jacket, denim jackets, although not ideal, are probably the next best option. If you’re going to be on a motorcycle more than once or twice, it’s seriously worth investing in a good quality women’s motorcycle jacket. Actually, since I got mine, I find I’m wearing it all the time!

8. Helmet

Best Womens Motorcycle Helmets
Helmet are an obvious one! Luckily, most riders have spare helmets

Well, that’s an obvious one! Assuming you don’t have a helmet, you want to make sure your date is bringing a spare one. Most serious riders keep spares! But there’s no harm in checking! No helmet, no motorcycle date!  They’re not cheap, but buying your own helmet really boosts your comfort level. My head simply isn’t the same shape as Jay’s! Check out this handy guide to women’s motorcycle helmets before you invest in your own.

Dress Well and Have a Great Motorcycle Date

I hope my list and tips will cover your first motorcycle date! 

I survived my date and our relationship even thrived after that. I haven’t become a serious rider myself, but have been a keen passenger since then! Jay also convinced me to go on longer holiday rides! Of course, after graduating from ‘first motorcycle date’ to ‘regular back seat passenger’, I had to get proper gear that could take us a little further than the local pub! 

My first item was to get decent leather gloves. The second, a quality motorcycle jacket. Pants and boots are the next recommendations on my list! Lastly, if it’s serious, buy your own helmet as soon as you can – everyone’s head is different and a well fitted helmet can make every ride that much more comfortable!